Current Affairs 2017

  • 21-Jul-2017
  • The second LCU MARK IV handed over to Navy

    The GardenShip Buiders and Engineers Kolkata,handed over the second LCU MARK IV to the Navy.The LCU MARK IV is designed for mulitpurpose amphibous operations.

  • SEBI signs MoU with ESMA for exchange of Information

    Securities Exchange Board of India signs pact with European Securities and Markets Authority for exchange of information on Central Counterparties.Central Counter parties are entities that help facilitate clearing and settlement activities. 

  • Astrosat,Chandra and Hubble detect explosion in Proxima Centauri

    The three space based observatories Astrosat,Chandra and Hubble and a ground based observatory HARPS jointly detect a cosmic explosion in the nearest planet hosting star,Proxima Centauri.Proxima is a flare star that undergoes random dramatic increases in brightness because of magnetic activity.


  • Indian Army signed MoU with DRDO

    The Indian Army has signed MoU with DRDO for raising one more regiment of Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles.It is capable of engaging multiple aerial targets at ranges of more than 50km.This air defence system has to be deployed against China and Pakisthan.

  • President Pranab Mukherjee inaugrates 200th anniversary of Paika rebeillion

    Paika Rebellion one of the oldest rebellions of India held in Odisha celebrated its 200th anniverssary.The president who inaugrated it said that is one of the earlier freedom movements in India.