How to study computer awareness for IBPS clerk mains ?

Open Guide – Students studying  to win IBPS exams find a hard time to crack the  computer awareness section. It is the less access to a PC which reduces their marks. The questions are not as hard as they seems .Most of the questions for the section are repeated from previous year.

1)      Basic Computer Knowledge 

There is no need to worry about the computer awareness section of IBPS clerk. They will only test the basic knowledge of the candidates. For that you only need to know the basic knowledge to use the computer.

2)      Ms -Office

Ms Office is the targeted area for the Computer awareness question. For that you must know the tools used in Ms Office .You must also have used the tools at least in a life time.

Plenty of notes are available regarding Ms Office. Students only need to depend on it for cracking the computer awareness section.

3)      Previous year questions

Previous year questions are a life line for the computer awareness question. Most of the questions are repeated from previous year questions. Therefore, work out a previous year question bank to crack the computer awareness question.

4)      Prepare notes 

After getting to know the syllabus, prepare your own notes on it. Computer portions arent much for the exam,therefore prepare your own notes.While preparing notes you will get to know the portion you are not familiar with in detail. Later when you go through the question bank, you will understand the related questions.

5)      Use Tools in Ms Office

Ms Office tools are the favorite spot of IBPS to shoot questions. It will be wise if you have the time to use Ms Tools for students who haven’t used it while accessing you will automatically learn it. Students who use the tools daily will find it easy to crack the questions.

6)      Scoring topics

Some of the common targets of IBPS in computer awareness section are Computer memory, Internet History and Ms Office. If you give more time to these topics there is big chance for you the pass the section with flying colors. 

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