How to study quantitative aptitude for ibps clerk ?

Open Guide-For most of the students Quantitative Aptitude section is the trickiest .Majority of them will do only the least in the section and some of them will fall behind the sectional cut off. Here are some of the tricks and tips to score for quantitative aptitude exam.

1)      By heart Tables and Squares

Quantitative Aptitude is full of calculations. It will be easy if you can by heart the squares and cubes of numbers. It will save you five to 10 minutes in the QA section.

Preferably by heart squares till 35 and cubes till 15.Knowledge of numbers by heart will help find the answers in number series.

2)      A Good HandBook

Buy the right text from the market for quantitative Aptitude .A good text can help you learn the basics from each chapter. R S Aggarwal’s text for quantitative aptitude will be the best book to learn the basics of each chapter.

3)      Learn Chapters

Learn each chapter separately. Learning each chapter separately will let you not miss any questions from any chapter. The questions asked for IBPS clerical exams are very simple .Therefore, study all the chapters do not miss any as all are basic chapters.

4)      Simplifications a Life saver

In the Quantitative Aptitude section of IBPS exam, out of 50 questions 15 are simplifications. Simplifications are the simplest in a QA section. You cannot afford to make a wrong in the simplifications part.

For students whom QA is tough can attend all the 15 simplifications and can save themselves from going below section cut off.

5)       20 to Start With

In the quantitative aptitude section a minimum of 20 sections can be attended well, in the case of weak students .If minimum of 20 questions can be attended then, you can easily pass the quantitative aptitude section.

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6)      Set Time limits

When you work out a bunch of questions set time limits and work out. For the aptitude section only a time of 25 to 30 minutes must be taken to do all the questions .No more time should be wasted for doing the quantitative aptitude section.

7)      Short Cuts made Easy

Short cuts can be a life saver   for all the exams. Short cuts must be studied and practiced. This is not school exam to get marks for the steps. Only the final answer will fetch you the marks .

Study short cut tricks and learn to find out the answers in seconds.

8)      No Guess Work

Guess work must be strictly avoided to gain negative marks. If you don’t know the answers do not go for a guess work. More number of negative marks will reduce marks from the total marks.

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