Anesthetist Career

An anesthetist is a person who makes the process of surgery and a Suture painless. An anesthetist will know how much medicine to inject into a humans body to numb the pain. The responsibility of an anesthetist is often higher than we think. A much higher dose can take the person to a coma and even can kill a person. It is something which has to be given after stabilizing the parameters. During the operation the patient must be in a numb state and shouldn’t wake up during the surgery. The dose of anesthesia will depend on upon the age, disease and other parameters. Doctors who specialize in anesthetics will study for a long duration of 3 three years.

An anesthetist is also responsible in giving in administering local anesthesia to patients. An anesthetist will administer drugs that will reduce the pain during a surgery. There is also a risk factor in administering drugs to the patients as in some cases. He has a huge responsibility and has to be present throughout the operation. He must also check the vital signs of the patient after the surgery . It is the anesthetist’s responsibility to ensure that the patient is starved, suitably prepared and medically fit to endure the proposed surgery as well as the related anesthetic.

Anesthetist Eligibility

To be an anesthetist one must have a MBBS degree from a recognized medical university with a minimum of 55%. 

Anesthetist Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become an Anesthetist one must have a recognized MBBS degree from a medical college

Step 2 You must pass the NEET PG medical entrance to attain admission for Anesthetics .

Step 3 After passing the NEET PG entrance exam you will get admitted to a good medical college. The duration for MD in Anesthetics is for three years.

Anesthetist Career Prospects

 An anesthesiologist can specialize in cardiac and thoracic surgery , neuro surgery , pediatrics , obstetrics , and trauma and emergency surgery etc.   

Anesthetist Salary

An anesthesiologist will get a monthly salary ranging from Rs 70,000-Rs 1,00,000.It is a rewarding career that pays well and will ensure you remain in demand no matter where in the world you choose to live.