Cardiologist Career

A cardiologist is a doctor who is specialized in the conditions of heart. They will treat you for a better heart health. A cardiologist will specialize in blood vessels, the heart and cardiovascular system. Some of the most common conditions treated by a cardiologist are heart attacks, heart murmurs, coronary heart disease and hypertension. They research and diagnose the factors for a patient’s poor health such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

A cardiologist will diagnose a persons cardiac health by performing a series of test such as the ECG’s , stress test , biopsies and blood tests . The cardiologist will diagnose for any abnormalities, congenital heart defects or heart and coronary artery conditions they find. Some of the conditions of heart can be treated with a bypass surgery or an angioplasty surgery. But a cardiac surgery will be conducted by a cardiothoracic surgeon than a cardiologist .Cardiothoracic surgeons operate on diseases that occur in the organs inside the chest and in the bony structures and tissues that form the chest cavity.

Cardiologist Eligibility

The student must pass 12th std with major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to write the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). NEET exam will determine the eligibility of a person to pursue MBBS course.

Cardiologist Recruitment Process

Step 1 Enroll for MBBS course in a recognized Medical college after passing NEET medical entrance exam.

Step 2 After finishing the course , pass the NEET PG medical entrance for Cardiology

Step 3 Complete the three years long MD Course in Cardiology

Step 4 After completing MD you will have to pursue 3 years long DM in Cardiology course. After which you will become Cardiologist.

Cardiologist Career Prospects

Cardiologists will be employed in cardiology departments in hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation centers and cardiac clinics . Most of them consider private practice, and get self employed by starting their own clinic. They can also get recruited into government hospitals as well as defences. A Pediatric Cardiologist treats abnormalities and diseases of the heart in children who are still in utero up to adulthood.

Cardiologist Salary

A fresher who joins a government hospital can start earning from Rs.25,000 per month. Whereas in private hospitals the salary can be much more. Those who are experienced in the field will earn a package upto Rs 25-Rs 30 lakhs pa.