Historian Career

A historian is a person who studies and researches on past .He is very much interested about the events marked before the present time. They are fascinated by the events that have made the present society. They research a lot on events and its causes and come to a conclusion on the case witnessed today .They spend more time on written scriptures and finds out what a common man missies .They have a very good idea on the history of all the states and countries which gives an understanding to the history of the present era.

It is not necessary that a historian must study all the events related to all the era .The person can study a particular area or subject or a particular event. There are people who study on independence, mughal eras, renaissance, trade etc. Students can study according to their taste. There is no compulsion that they must take a particular subject to learn history. They can also work as publishers which can publish books which can be used a study material for the students who pursue history.

Historian Eligibility

To be a historian one must pass 12th std with a minimum pass percentage of 60% in any stream from a recognized university.

Historian Recruitment Process

Step 1 You can take a bachelor degree in any subject which can be help full to your career .You can pursue subjects like sociology, economics  etc

Step 2 To be a historian one must take masters in history from a recognized university .Some of the colleges are :-

1) Loyola College ,Chennai

2) Christ University ,Bangalore

3) Hindu College, New Delhi

4) Jesus and Mary College ,New Delhi

5) Presidency College ,Chennai

Step 3  To pursue the career of a historian one must do his doctor of philosophy in history from a top university. The colleges that provide courses in Phd for history are :-

1) Loyola College ,Chennai

2) University of Lucknow ,Lucknow

3) Fergusson College ,Pune

4) Kristhu Jayanti College ,Bangalore 

Historian Career Prospects

A historian can be an effective writer .They can publish books on events and can pour more light on to the events that needs more clarity. They can work in museums and give more information on the scriptures and the artifacts from the old centuries. They can also be professors in leading colleges.

Historian Salary

The starting salary of a historian will be Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 .It will vary according to the type of post he carries. Qualified historians are known all known all over the world .