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Insurance Agent Career

An insurance agent is a person who sells the insurance policies of the respective companies that they are working with. They learn the facts related to selling insurance and sell it to the community .Most the insurance will be sold to their close kins and friends. Their job is to sell maximum insurance packages to the customers and their income will be the commission they receive from the company for selling insurance.      

Candidates those who have impressive skills in socializing may be an insurance agent. It is a very lucrative job, if you get the knack to talk to people and impress them. If a client takes a good package then the commission goes to the insurance agent .He will have a part of the profit from the company. He must be very sincere and hardworking to work as an insurance agent. Being an insurance agent you can receive mid night calls and must make unexpected visits to the insurers house, must be there at the spot to explain the details of the insurance to the third party.It is a very outdoor job but if you can reap the benefits of it then it is the best job for a person.

Apart from all the sacrifices as an insurance agent, he must carry many moral values. It will be need of the hour during a meeting with a client. A client will only take the policy if they have a 100% trust over the person. It depends on the social skills of the person .He must practice and apply those social skills to win the trust of the client.

Insurance Agent Eligibility

To become an insurance agent you need to have the basic qualification of degree .It is the basic qualification for a person to be an insurance agent

Insurance Agent Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become an insurance agent one must finish his her basic qualification of degree from a recognized university.

Step 2 All the insurance companies will conduct insurance agent exam through an online mode. Students who pass the exam will work as an insurance agent of the respective company.

List of Insurance Companies

1)      SBI Life

2)      Star Health

3)      LIC

4)      Max Life Insurance co LTD

5)      Bajaj Alliance 

Insurance Agent Career Prospects

There are a lot of career prospects for insurance agents in India. If you can be a top performer then there are lot of posts waiting for you in the insurance sector. You will also get other emoluments if you can encourage the clients to take more policies.

Insurance Agent Salary

The salary of the insurance agent will depend upon the number of policies they receive from the clients. According to the size of the packages, the commission will be more. It is a very lucrative post if you have the skills to socialize.