Librarian Career

A librarian is a person who manages information and sources in the library .The librarian helps the reader to locate books and resources. A librarian is a person who helps a reader to make use of the library maximum. A librarian can work in the technical side or in the administration side. They must know where the books in the library are kept and must help the reader efficiently. They can also lead the reader to a book where the new book will be effective than the book searched by the reader.

It is not necessary that the library must have a particular set of books .Any type of books in a library is a library and librarian can be employed in any type of libraries. In the olden days librarians used to dominate the libraries that it was a nightmare to visit the libraries. Nowadays, librarians invite more and more people to read through their friendly behavior. To discharge their duties they must have professional knowledge to their side to help the readers. You can take bachelors and masters in library science if you think you will enjoy the job. Thus if you enjoy spending hours in library then being a librarian is the best option for you. 

Librarian Eligibility

To be a librarian one must have passed 12th standard with a minimum of 60% from a recognized university. 

Librarian Recruitment Process

Step 1 To be a librarian one must take bachelor degree in library science after 12th std.The colleges that provide courses in library science are:-

1) IGNOU ,Delhi

2) University of Mumbai ,Fort Campus

3) SGT University ,Gurgaon

 Step 2  After doing your graduation in library science you can do your masters in Library Science .Some of the top colleges that provide  masters in library science are:-

1) University of Mumbai ,Fort Campus

2) Tata Institute of Social Science ,Mumbai

3) Karnataka State Open University ,Mysore

4) Banaras Hindu University ,Varanasi

 Step 3 After doing your masters in library science if you wish you can do your Doctor of Philosophy in Library Science(phD) which will offer you a better job prospect in the career.     

Librarian Career Prospects

A librarian can get employed in newspaper libraries, schools, universities, archives, national museum and archives. A librarian cannot go jobless as there is a need of libraries in all the educational centers as well as cities and towns. Other places where a librarian can get employed are foreign embassies, data bases etc. 

Librarian Salary

The starting salary of a librarian will range from Rs 12,000-Rs 14,000.With the higher grade in qualifications the salary can go higher .