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Nursery Teacher Career

A nursery teacher is a person who teaches kids for an age group between 3-5 yrs..They mainly teach them the basic things of life ather than a subject class .They start their classes by  teaching them the world around them such as their parents ,pets , friends , food items etc. Their main focus is the overall personality development of the kids. Their school will be second home to the students . They mainly deal with their behavior. They mingle with them while they draw or write. A nursery teacher has to be with them all the time as they need their help mentally and physically.

To be a nursery teacher one must love children and must love spending time with them . One who do not like children should not opt for this job. A nursery teacher must also have clear observational skills as children while studying will display any studying disorder which they must note. They must be very interactive and innovative with the students .They must interact with them constantly and must make the nursery classes playful rather than a study class. Courses are available for teaching students in the nursery class. You can opt for them and can be a successful teacher .

Nursery Teacher Eligibility

To be a nursery teacher one must be a 12th std pass with a minimum pass percentage of 60% from a recognized university. 

Nursery Teacher Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become a nursery teacher one must at least have a degree in any subject  with a minimum marks of 60%.

Step 2 After you acquire your degree, you must join for a course in Nursery School Training which will  prepare you for teaching  career in Nursery schools. 

Nursery Teacher Career Prospects

A nursery teacher can work with nursery students and nursery schools .They can be employed in good private schools where there is a kindergarten and a pre school .After  few years of experience they can start their own nursery school . 

Nursery Teacher Salary

The starting salary of a nursery school teacher is Rs 12,000-Rs 14,000.If you have enough years of experience then you can get a salary upto Rs 18,000.If you can start a nursery school then it is well and good.