Pediatrician Career

A pediatrician is a person who cares for the health of infants, children and Adolescents. They are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments of infants and adolescents. A pediatrician treats day to day diseases of an infant that involves minor injuries, infectious diseases and immunizations. Some doctors also do specialize in pediatric surgeries.

A pediatrician needs a lot of patience and must communicate to them with tactics. An infant cannot communicate and also a doctor must be able to read the signs of the disease from a touch and their mannerisms. To treat an infant as well as children a doctor will need a lot of patience. A pediatrician must also be able to communicate effectively to the bystanders as they will be able to help the doctor identify the problem.

To become successful in the career one must be ready to work long hours in the hospital. The doctor must have relevant patience to deal with children. Pediatricians manage the physical, mental and emotional well-being of their patients, in every stage of development. But, pediatricians are concerned with more than physical well-being. 

Pediatrician Eligibility

The student must pass 12th std with major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to write the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). NEET exam will determine the eligibility of a person to pursue MBBS course.

Pediatrician Recruitment Process

Step 1 To practice as a pediatrician one must have an MBBS degree from a recognized medical university.

Step 2 After five years of course in MBBS, if you want to do MD in Pediatrics you must pass the NEET PG entrance.

Step 3 Masters in Pediatrics (MD) is for 2 yrs.

Pediatrician Career Prospects

Children are always prone to diseases and they fall ill fast. A child specialist is in demand all over the world due to the rise in child diseases. They can also start practicing in their own clinics.

Pediatrician Salary

The staring salary of a pediatrician is Rs 35,000-Rs 40,000.The salary will depend upon many factors such as academics, place, experience and hospitals.