Philosopher Career

Philosophy is a way of comprehensive thought. It is style thinking and thinking over an issue.The  style of thoughts of a philosopher shall be called critical, analytical, and comprehensive. They try to find a solution to an answer just by thinking over it .It is a style of thought .The one who practices philosophy is known as a philosopher. A philosopher will get an answer just by thinking over it he doesn’t need any technical and mathematical skills to solve an issue. Philosophies differ with personalities .No two philosophers will have same philosophies. Every philosopher will defend a problem according to a theory of philosophy that how the theory of optimism came to being, realism, pragmatism, philosophy of life etc.

Each theory will explain their problem in their own way. Philosophy even influences other subjects like religion , law, psychology etc . Philosophy is a way of life for others. It is an activity of thought. They are actually problem solvers. Those who study can learn incredible life skills. The study of philosophy will give the person the power of critical and logical skills. They are known the adept problem solvers. It can be pursued with professional knowledge from leading universities.

Philosopher Eligibility

To be a philosopher one must have completed 12th std with minimum pass percentage from a recognized university.

Philosopher Recruitment Process

Step 1   To be a philosopher one must study bachelor in philosophy .The colleges that provide courses in philosophy are :-

1) Madras Christian College, Chennai

2) Hindu College ,New Delhi

3) Miranda House ,New Delhi

4) Gargi College,New Delhi

5) Nizam College Hyderabad.

Step 2 After completing your bachelors in philosophy one must do their masters degree in philosophy .Some of the top colleges that provide masters degree in philosophy are :-

1) Punjab University ,Chandigarh

2) Jawaharlal Nehru University ,New Delhi

3) Banaras Hindu University ,Varanasi

4) Annai malai University, Tamil Nadu

5) Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam

 Step 3  If you wish to pursue philosophy further then you can study philosophy for your PHd from a top university 

Philosopher Career Prospects

If you have a degree in philosophy then you can pursue law .Law graduates need an effective way of thinking which must be critical and comprehensive. They will also have a bright career with psychology as they are made to think are need to find  a solution for a problem .They can be successful business people because as they are made to learn life skills where they can endure at any point.

Philosopher Salary

Salary cannot be easily determined for a philosopher .A philosopher will do many jobs .A philosopher can work in a college and can get the salary of a lecturer which has a starting salary upto Rs. 20,000.