Poet Career

A poet is a person who can play with words. A poet can display any emotion or a story with words. It is a person’s love for language or words which make them write poetry .To write a piece of poetry one must have a flair for words. If you don’t have the flair for words then you can’t use the right words for poetry. It is a profession where it does not have any academic courses .Poetry is not a subject which must be studied from a university .The love for poetry must be weathered on your own and then only one can bring out extremely well poetries.

There are dramatic poetries, lyrical poetries, narrative poetry, descriptive poetry etc. You can concentrate on any type of poetries, according to your taste. To be a good poet candidates also must keep up with good imagination only then interesting themes and innovations will come up. There are poets who write about nature, some write poems for kids, some poems are fictional etc. To write a poem there is no fixed rule, you can write according to your own style. 

Poet Eligibility

There is no academic eligibility to become a poet.

Poet Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become a poet one must read a lot .Only a person who reads can become a poet.

Step 2 One must have a love for a language .The love for language will help you search for new words in short will lead you to poetries.

Step 3 You must have creativity and innovation to write a poetry. Poetry is not a blunt passage with blunt emotions. Poetry must be a mix of emotions, words and creative language.

Poet Career Prospects

A poet can freelance and write poems for newspapers and magazines. A poet can also write other styles of writing such as essays, short stories, novels, fictions and non fictions. They can publish books and poems for educational needs .If they write exceptional works then they will be recognized all over the world with prizes and awards. They can also take classes as in poetry workshops.  

Poet Salary

There is no fixed salary for a poet it will depend on the demand for your works. If you can write exceptional poetries then there will be publishers who can publish your work .You can also go take poetry classes in universities and colleges.