Psychologist Career

A psychologist is a person who treats a human mind without using medication. He gives mental peace to a person by making him realize his original problem. The treatment of a psychologist is abed on the counseling and curing without medication. They do counseling and bring about changes in their thought process. They make them realize their original problem thus helping them work on it.

With the very high competition there is a high stress level in the society. The thirst for success has pushed many people into high stress levels and depression. Mental disorders due to stress are common in a human’s life. Thus psychologist especially, psychologists specialized in adolescence psychology are common due to high stress level in exams.  

To become a psychologist it requires a lot of hard work, dedication and compassion .Compassion is the strongest factor in being a psychologist. It will require talking a lot sessions with a patient to bring out what is on his or her mind. If you think that you love to study a human mind then you can go forward and be a psychologist.

Psychologist Eligibility

To be a psychologist one must have passed 12th std from a recognized university with a minimum marks of 60%.

Psychologist Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become a Psychologist one must take degree in psychology from a recognized university.

Step 2 After taking graduation in Psychology, you must take masters in psychology from a recognized university.

Step 3 To practice as a psychologist one must do their M Phil and PhD in psychology itself. 

Psychologist Career Prospects

Psychology is a growing field in India .Clinical psychology is the most recognized profession in the field of psychology. Other alternative careers for a psychologist are Clinical, Counseling, Industrial, Educational (school) and Forensic Psychology.

Psychologist Salary

The expected salary of a psychologist will range from Rs 20,000- Rs 30,000. It will vary according to the competence of the doctor. Famous psychologists can get a salary of rupees one lakh per month after years of experience and skills .