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Soft Skills Trainer Career

A soft skill trainer is a person who trains a person in soft skills such as speaking, stage presentation, standing, sitting, presenting oneself etc. Soft skills are very necessary in today’s world. If you don’t have enough soft skills to go with your academic skills then you will not serve where you wish to. In the olden days elders in our family used to tell us to keep good manners and to be respectful while talking to elders, it is also now known as soft skills .It is not new to us but we may have not understood the importance of soft skills in a person’s life. Be it any profession be anyone who you are you must need soft skills not to impress but for your survival.

Soft skills can be achieved by mingling and talking a lot with others .It can be gained through effective network skills and socializing .But in some cases you will be shy from your child hood which will prevent you from socializing when you grow old. In such cases a soft skills trainer will let you outrun your fears and will make you confident for the world. Trainer will identify your shortcomings and give yourself workshops to make you more confident. 

Soft Skills Trainer Eligibility

You must have passed 12th std with a minimum of 60% from a recognized university.

Soft Skills Trainer Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become soft skill trainer one must have overcome his short comings .He or she must be confident in their skills, only then they can relate their shortcomings to them.

Step 2 A soft skill trainer must have high emotional intelligence. A trainer must be able to identify him emotionally and the student. Only the proper identification of the shortcomings will help a soft skill trainer to help the student.

Step 3 You must develop a genuine passion for helping people .If you are a person who criticizes a person for his lack of confidence then maybe this is not the job for them .Compassion is the right word for helping out a person be it anything .

Step 4 A soft skill trainer must be well equipped with tools and workshops. It will be of great help while training the students.

Step 5 Moreover anything, the trainer must be very positive .Anybody wants to have a trainer who is very positive .A positive heart and mind can turn the worst to best to a person. 

Soft Skills Trainer Career Prospects

A soft skill trainer has plenty of opportunities in the present scenario. A soft skills trainer can work in mnc’s and world renowned companies to train the employees. World renowned institutions are in need of soft skills trainers to train the employees in good skills. 

Soft Skills Trainer Salary

The starting salary of a soft skill trainer will range from Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000.With experience they will get more salary .If you are employed in good companies and mnc’s then you will get a much higher salary .You can also start your own training academy where it is a need for students who go for competitive exam interviews.