Teacher Career

A teacher is a person who helps students learn anything under the sun .They teach them with the help of notes, demonstrations and classes. Their time revolves around the students as well as the parents .Being a teacher is more than being a parent ,in a school you have to teach the students as well love the students .In today’ s world ,the role of a teacher is multifaceted .They carry the roles of a teacher , a parent , a friend , a counselor ,a mentor , a guide etc. What students learn in the school will lead them forever. The influence of a teacher can take the student to higher platforms .School is the place where a student spends more time than school. A student will show signs of learning disorders in school than at home which is to be identified by the teacher.

A teacher’s duty must be done sincerely. Do not be a teacher to just show off the knowledge you have got . A teacher must crave for the  sincere development of their students . A teacher shouldn’t demand respect, the students will automatically bow before you if you do the best for your students .If you have the hobby of sharing what you have learned yesterday then opt teaching .A teacher can pour oil to a small flame of desire in a students mind. The thing is you must have the mind to help your children. It is not at all necessary that you must be good academically to teach the students. It is the thought of wanting everyone to reach a level similar to you or more than you.

Teacher Eligibility

To be a teacher you must be a 12th std pass with a minimum pass percentage of 60% from a recognized university. 

Teacher Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become a teacher one must have necessary qualifications. To teach in a school one must at least have a degree.

Step 2 After you take bachelor degree in you must take masters degree in the required subject

Step 3 After you take masters degree you must Pass the State Eligibility Test or SET to teach in schools. 

Teacher Career Prospects

A teacher can be employed in a school .A teacher can also get promoted in the school as a head mistress or as the principal of the school. A teacher an even start their own private tuition centres and take after school classes for children.

Teacher Salary

The starting salary of a teacher will be from 10,000-Rs 15,000.The range of salary can vary according to the type of schools you are employed and the type of post you are conferred after years of teaching experience.