Translator Career

A translator is a person who translates a language into any other language in the written form. One who interprets does it orally. There is no specific academic qualification to become a translator. You must speak, read and talk in the two languages you wish to communicate which will improve your scope of translation. A translator will work in the company and will give them the needed service through translation. The translator must have the necessary flow to translate immediately .They cannot search for words in the twelfth hour. The skills must be perfectly honed to impress the interviewers during an interview.

A translator must be fluent in his or her language. Fluency is the most important factor. You must be very fluent with the language .There shouldn’t be any repetitions  in the translated language .It is a very  competitive career as a lot companies are in need of good translators. Students who wish to be a translator must opt for a language which is more in demand in the market . Languages like Arabi , English ,French, Spanish are more in demand all over the world. A translator must also know how to speak in the respective language which will give will be an added advantage for the translator.

All the translation work is done on a computer. Translations must be revised very much as there shouldn’t be any errors, the translation can be a document worth millions of rupees maybe . Translating services are needed now in many different areas. Translators must constantly hone their skills as it is a very challenging platform.



Translator Eligibility

To be a translator one must have passed 12th std with a minimum mark of 60% from a recognized university.

Translator Recruitment Process

Step 1 To be a translator one must have a bachelor degree in the preferred subject you wish to translate.

Step 2 It is also good if you have a masters degree in the preferred subject. You can take masters degree from good university.

Step 3 Above all you must read and write a lot in the required languages. Constant reading and writing of the languages will make you a better translator.

Translator Career Prospects

A translator will get employed in MNC’s, trading companies, and government bodies as the need for translation and communicating with other nations is necessary. A translator will also get job out of India as the need for communication and translation is very necessary. 

Translator Salary

A translator is a actually a highly paid job .You can get employed in good companies and MNCS’. If that is the condition then you can get a salary of Rs 40,000-Rs 45,000 for good translation.