Urologist Career

An Urologist is a medical practitioner who treats urinary and urinary tract diseases of men and women. They trained to treat disorders of urinary bladder, urethra, kidney , ureters , prostrate  and male reproductive organs. Urologist will also perform tests such as  CT Scans , blood tests, cystoscopy ,urodynamics  and urine tests . There has been an increase in kidney related disorders due to the increase in adulterated foods in the market. Polluted water is also a reason for the causes in increase in urinary tract diseases. It is a misconception that a urologist treats only men actually it is wrong and a urologist treats men, women and children.

A urologist will undergo post graduate training for five years and completing three years in clinical urology . The remaining time is spent training in general surgery, clinical urology or a discipline that is relevant to urology. There are several specialist areas that can be practiced after completion of a urology degree. There are many specializations in urology they are endourology , urologic urology , neurourology ,pediatric urology and andrology . 

Urologist Eligibility

The student must pass 12th std with major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to write the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). NEET exam will determine the eligibility of a person to pursue MBBS course.

Urologist Recruitment Process

Step 1 After passing the NEET exam , you must join for MBBS In a reputed government college for 5 and half years .

Step 2 After graduation in MBBS degree, one has to go for MS in Urology for three years. To secure admission in a reputed college for admission in post graduate courses , one must pass NEET –PG exam .

Urologist Career Prospects

Most of the urologists will work in a hospital setting. They can also start their own private specialty centre for urology urinary tract related disorders. A urologist can also spend their time on researches and can work as teams in a hospital .They can also shine in the field of teaching in medical colleges.

Urologist Salary

The salary of a person will depend on years of experience and academic brilliance. As a starting salary one an earn up to Rs 40,000 in the first go. Years of practice will give you a higher salary upto Rs One lakh . Self-employed urologists working in their own practice often make more than a Urologist working for salary at a hospital.