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Law and Judicial Service Career Options

Career in law and judicial services provide legal services to the society. In the olden days disputes were solved by village panchayats or by the eldest in the family. Time has evolved, that India has a constitution now, so are legal services and judiciary. Issues regarding finance, business, family, property issues now can be brought to court or a legal consultant. If you are employed in law and judicial services then, you have a much higher responsibility to work upon .The employee must see that the party gets justice .The Indian constitution has guaranteed us legal rights and that can be used with the help of legal consultants. It is also a very adventurous career since the cases will have false witnesses and to win the case it will be like a game for the advocates .

In the profession law and judicial services, there are a wide variety of specializations such as property settlements, family courts, criminal cases etc. Courts, judges and advocates can specialize in any subject according to their will and wish. Acts are passed and will be executed for the needy. Advocates explain the legal rights and procedures related to the case and the part can move the case according to the directions of the advocate. There is also a fee paid to the advocate for movi9ng and running the case in the court.

To be well known in the profession one must be academically brilliant in their studies. A advocate can never stop studying, he has to go through his law books and study the case. It is the smartness and the proper learning of the case which brings success for an advocate. Other profession related with law and judicial services are Judges , clerks , legal assistants , legal secretaries , company secretaries, notaries etc.

Law and Judicial Service Careers

Judge is the top most position in Indian Judiciary. India is a system where judiciary is given utmost importance. There are 24 high courts in India and one Supreme Court. We are in need of judges and magistrates in various high courts In India. A judge is the topmost person who gives the final judgment of the case. A judge has to be observant and be neutral in his thoughts .He has to listen to both the sides before giving a judgment. Only then he can judge a case without any partiality. Historic judgments can be made in various cases...

Judiciary is the system in India which gives us the rights embedded in the pages of the Indian Constitution. To take us to the judiciary we seek the help of an advocate. An advocate is a professionally qualified lawyer who has studied 5 yrs of law. After pursuing law from a good college one has to practice under a successful advocate which will give the person enough experience to practice on his own

It is not yet a famous profession among the youths because to excel at the work one needs to be a student again, dedicated and committed. An...