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Computer Grade Assistant -II

Kerala PSC Computer Assistant Grade II Syllabus


General Knowledge Facts about India

Geography of India – Physical features – Climate – Soils – Rivers – Famous sites – etc. Demography – Economic and social development – Poverty alleviation – Economy and planning – etc. History of India – Period from 1857 to 1947 – National movement Facts about Kerala Geographical Facts – Physical features – Climate – Soils – Rivers – Famous sites – etc.

Renaissance in Kerala

 Important Events/Movements/Leaders Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi, Chattampi Swami, Sree Narayana Guru, Vagbhatananda, Thycaud Ayya, Ayya Vaikundar, Poikayil Yohannan (Kumara Guru), Ayyankali, Pandit Karuppan, Mannathu Padmanabhan, V. T. Bhattathirippad, Dr. Palpu, Kumaranasan, Vakkom Moulavi, Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, Etc.

Current Affairs

 Important world, national and regional events related to the political and scientific fields, sports, cinema and literature etc.



1. Windows Introduction to windows platform - mouse operations - concept of desktop, taskbar, Icons. Utilities - Paint, Word pad. Icons - changing size, moving, enlarging,copying. Files and Folders - creation, copying, deleting. Windows explorer, control panel. Zip & unzip files - rar files, virus scanning & removal 2. Internet Using internet browser, e-mail, search engines, Instant messengers, download managers, proxy settings- setting up Internet connection, browser plug-ins - using webcam.

 3. Word processing Introduction to office automation - advantages of office automation. Introduction - Word menu - Tool bar - Document - creation, editing, saving, opening . Text - editing, deleting, inserting, selection, moving, copying, converting case, doing/undoing edits. Formatting documents - paragraph formatting - applying styles, header and footer, line spacing , Page layout - numbering pages - inserting section break - spell check - newspaper columns. Tables - creation, editing, formatting, insertion, document with tables, Mail merge and template creation. Printing - print preview, Printer settings, printing multiple copies.

 4. Spreadsheets Electronic spreadsheet features - menu, cells workbook, work sheets. Entering data, text, functions - selecting cell, ranges - saving worksheet - Editing worksheet data - copying, cut & paste, inserting, deleting rows, columns, cell ranges - find and replace data - spell check. Formatting worksheet - changing column width, row height, aligning data , controlling text within a cell ,changing font size, style, applying border, Pattern styles. charts - types, titles & legends, saving, moving and copying between sheets. Formulas, functions - Entering formulas, cell references, Date and time formulas, working with range names,entering functions . Printing - print preview, headers and footers - inserting, removing page break - working with data in a list - Adding and removing sub totals - sorting - hiding and displaying data.

 5. Presentation software Design - Create presentation with background, logo etc. - Insert _pictures and images - change position or layout of pictures - Omit background graphics from a slide - Apply 3D effects, shadows, background fill colours, textures and patterns - Crop, resize, rotate, flip an image - Convert and image to greyscale or black and white format. Slide Show Setup - Insert navigation to slides - presentations and URL 's - Apply and edit timings - Create a customized slide show. B. TYPING & DOCUMENT FORMATTING


A. English Grammar

1. Types of Sentences and Interchange of Sentences

2. Different Parts of Speech

3. Agreement of Verb and Subject

4. Confusion of Adjectives and Adverbs

5. Comparison of Adjectives

6. Adverbs and Position of adverbs

7. Articles - The Definite and the Indefinite Articles

8. Uses of Primary and Model Auxiliary Verbs

9. Tag Questions

10. Infinitive and Gerunds

11. Tenses

12. Tenses in Conditional Sentences

13. Prepositions

14. The Use of Correlatives

15. Direct and Indirect Speech

16. Active and Passive voice

17. Correction of Sentences

B. Vocabulary

1. Singular & Plural, Change of Gender, Collective Nouns

2. Word formation from other words and use of prefix or suffix

3. Compound words

4. Synonyms

5. Antonyms

6. Phrasal Verbs

7. Foreign Words and Phrases

8. One Word Substitutes

9. Words often confused

10. Spelling Test

11. Idioms and their Meanings

12. Translation of a sentence/proverb in to Malayalam