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  • 14-Jun-2017
  • SEBI allows options trading in Commodity Futures

    SEBI has allowed options trading in commodity Futures and has given strict direction to launch these contracts for only one during inception.SEBI also said that options trading will be allowed for commodities that are among top in five in term of annual turn over.


  • 10-Jun-2017
  • Indias Forex reserves surge by over USD 4 bn

    India's foriegn exchange reserves rose $2.40bn to hit a fresh time high of $381.16 bn in  a week.The hike was mainly due to the increase of $2.74billion in foriegn currency assets.

  • 09-Jun-2017
  • Petrol and Diesel prices to be revised daily

    Petrol and Diesel prices will be revised daily from June 16th.A pilot version will be implemented in selected states of Puducherry,Vizag In Andhra Pradesh,Udaipur in Rjasthan,Jamshedpur in Jharkhand and Chandigarh.

  • 08-Jun-2017
  • India top destinations of FDI :UNCTAD

    India has been rated as one the top destinations by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.FDI rose 1% in 2016 $44.486 billion from the $44.064 billion in 2015.

  • 07-Jun-2017
  • Finance ministry asks ministries to decide fast on FDI proposals

    Finance Ministry has asked all the ministries dealing with clearing all the FDI proposals of 12sectors to submit it within 60 days.The cabinet had last month abolished the entity Foriegn Investment Promotion Board(FIPB) who had the supreme authority to clear proposals for the past 25yrs.

  • 05-Jun-2017
  • India to grow 7.2% in 2017-18 says World Bank

    World Bank has reported that India is going to grow 7.2%this financial year from 6.8%in 2016,gradually to 7.7%in 2019-20.

    The report also says that things are going to better after the implementation of GST in July.


  • India ranks 1 in Global Retail Development index

    India has ranked 1 among 30 developing nations in Ease of doing Business surpassing China.The Global Retail Development Index is for measuring investment worldwide and analysing 25 macro economic retail specific variables

  • Arab nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

    Saudi Arabia,Baharain,Egypt,Yemen,Libya and UAE has cut diplomatic ties with Qatar for embracing terrorists and sectarian groups  for destablizing regions in the muslim brotherhood.

  • 02-Jun-2017
  • RBI appoints Ganesh Kumar as ED

    Reserve Bank of India has appointed S. Ganesh Kumar as Executive Director. His appointment is consequent upon voluntary retirement of Chandan Sinha.

  • 24-May-2017
  • Union Government amends Banking Regulation Act

    Our Union Government has decided to amend the Banking Regulation Act to quicken the settling of Rs 9.64 trillion stressed assets.The amendment will give the Sole authority to intervene in settling bad loans.The banks will start by solving the top 40-50 cases.


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