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  • 26-Jul-2017
  • IMF forecasts growth of 7.2% for India

    Indian Monetary fund retains India's forecast for 7.2% in 2017 and 7.7% in the financial year of 2018-19.IMF also added that the economic activity slowed in India in 2016-2017 during de-monetisation.

  • 21-Jul-2017
  • SEBI signs MoU with ESMA for exchange of Information

    Securities Exchange Board of India signs pact with European Securities and Markets Authority for exchange of information on Central Counterparties.Central Counter parties are entities that help facilitate clearing and settlement activities. 

  • 20-Jul-2017
  • Draft bills introduced to replace GST ordinance in  J&K

    Cabinet had replaced ordinance bills with draft bills to introduce GST in J&K.The central government had earlier this month promulgated ordinances to make central GST and integrated GST which deals with interstate commerce.

  • 10-Jul-2017
  • India's foriegn reserves hit a point of $386.5 bn

    India's foriegn reserves hit a record high of $386.5 and rose $4 bn to reach this high.The increase forex in the reporting week was due to increase FCA's.

  • India joins new Foriegn Exchange Committee

    India will soon own a seat in Global Foriegn Exchange Committee,a newly constituted forum of central bankers and experts working towards the promotion of forex market.The committee has been set up under the guidance of Bank of International Settlements.

  • 07-Jul-2017
  • India,the fourth largest investor to UK

    India has become the fourth largest investor into UK according to the figures published by UK's department for International Trade.India lost its position to France by one rank.

  • RBI limits Customer Liability for online banking

    RBI has limited customer liability in online banking due to the increased grievances and complaints.The highlights of the RBI directions can be read from the official website of RBI.


  • 06-Jul-2017
  • India to be the economic pole of global growth:Harvard

    The research conducted by the Harvard university shows India to become the economic pole of global growthy over the coming decade.The study showed that it moved from China to Indian and that it will be with India for teh coming decade.

  • BMI forecasted a GDP growth 0f 6.9% for this fiscal

    According to the BMI research India will record a grwoth of 6.9% this fiscal year.BMI is a Fitch group company.

  • 29-Jun-2017
  • GST Notification Out

    Just two days remaining for the GST roll out Finance Ministry has started notifying various provisions of law relating to interest calculation,input taxcredit and Evaluation.GST will subsume a a host of taxes such as excise,service and VAT.

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