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  • 21-Sep-2017
  • Peer to Peer monitoring by RBI

    Reserve Bank of India will monitor the peer to peer lending groups of India.The notification from thw RBI says that all the peer to peer lending institutions will now be considered as NBFCs.

  • 19-Sep-2017
  • SEBI,INviTs and REIT's to boost infrastructure investment

    Securities Exchange Board of India,Infrastructure Investment Trusts and Real Estate Investment Trust have planned to issue debt securities for infrastructure development.In addition to this, the market regulator also introduced the concept of strategic investor for REITs on the same lines as with InviTs. 

  • 13-Sep-2017
  • Commitee to resove challenges on IT GST Implementation

    Arun Jaitely has set up a commitee to resolve IT challenges in the implmentation of GST.He had also set up a commitee to resolve the issues in export sector in the post GST scenario.

  • 06-Sep-2017
  • Union Government codified 38 labour laws

    Union Government has codified 38 different labour laws on wages,industrial relations,social security,occupational safety,health and working conditions.The code on eages bill 2017 has also been enacted subsuming 4 different laws on wages bill.

  • 01-Sep-2017
  • Eight core sectors drop to 2.4% in July

    Eight core sectors have dropped to 2.45 in July due to contraction of Crude Oil.The eight core sectors are cement,coal,crude oil,natural gas,fertilizers,steel,electricity and refinery products.The eight core sectors showed a growth of 3.1% in the month of July in last year.

  • 30-Aug-2017
  • New Industrial Policy by the Government

    The Union Cabinet has decided to introduce a New  Industrial  Policy .It will likely to be introduced in October.The new policy will subsume the existing National Manufacturing Policy. 

  • CEL sold out in strategic sale

    Government has sold out Central Electronics Limited in a 100% Strategic sale.Incorporated in 1974, CEL is under the administrative control of Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • Government approves Promugation of GST(compensation to states),2017.

    The Union Government has approved the Promulgation of GST(compensation to states),2017.The approval is to increase the compennsationn to 25% from 15%.

  • 28-Aug-2017
  • Government reports changes in Banking Regulation Act

    Government has reported changes in Banking Regulation Act by notifying that RBI will issue direct orders to the bank in case of dilution of 8 lakh crore NPA's. 


  • 26-Aug-2017
  • Government puts ban on gold silver ,imports from S Korea

    Indian govenment has put a ban on gold silver imports from South Korea.This comes in the wake of more than a $1 billion worth gold imports from South Korea between July 1-August 21. 

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