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  • 26-May-2017
  • PM Narendra Modi inaugrates longest bridge in Assam

    PM Narendra Modi has inaugrated the longest bridge in Asia named the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge.It is capable of withstanding the weight of a 60-tonne battle tank,and will also improve the movement of civilian and military vehicles to critical locations up to Anini in Arunachal Pradesh.The bridge will also reduce 4hrs in duration from Assam to Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Anurag Tripathi New Secretary of CBSE

    Anurag Tripathi a senior bureaucrat was appointed as the new secretary of CBSE.He has been appointed for a term of five years under the Department of Personnel and Training

  • Government redefines definition of Start up

    Government has redefined start ups by giving them ample time to take roots in the corporate market.A start up will now get a gestation period of 7 years to establish and 10 years for start ups in Biotechnology sector.

  • Google's Rajan Anand appointed as chairman of IAMAI

    Google's Vice President for South East Asia and India has been appointed as the new chairman of Internet and Mobile Association .He occupied the place of Freecharge co-founder and Cheif Executive Officer Kunal Shah.


  • Amul Thapar becomes Second Indian-American Judge of US court of appeals

    The United states Senate has appointed Amul Thapar as the judge of US court of Appeals.He is the first American judge to be selected by President Donald trump for the 6th US court of Appeals.Currently a district judge Amul was nominated by Donald Trump on March 21st.


  • Government bans slaughter of cattle

    The Ministry of Environment and forest have banned the sale of cattle for slaughter and introduced restrictions on the sale of cattle to prevent their killing. The rules have been notified under the act of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act,1960.Meat and leather industry mostly dependent on cattle will be largely hit.

  • 25-May-2017
  • Mumbai and Kota among world's most crowded cities:World Economic Forum

    Mumbai and Kota have been rated as the most crowded cities in the world by the World Economic Forum.Dhaka with a density of 44,500 persq km is rated first following Mumbai.Kota with a density of 12,100 per sq.km is rated seventh amonth the nations.


  • 24-May-2017
  • Union Government Launches Swatch Bharat App

    Union Minister of State for Culture Mahesh sharma has launched an App in the National Museum which would enable the users to complain about a improper garbage disposal around 30 mtrs.The user can take photographs and post it inside the app.The ministry is planing to add 116 more Centres reconized by the Archeological Survey Of India to the surveillance of  the app.


  • 23-May-2017
  • Paytym launches Payment bank

    Targeting 500 million customers Paytym has launched its payment bank with interst rate 4%.It provides cashbacks on deposits,free online transactions and no minimum balance requirement.It is the third entity in the country to launch a payments bank after Airtel and India Post.

  • PM inaugrates 52nd Annual general meeting of African Developmental Bank

    PM Narendra Modi has inaugrated the 52nd Annual General Meeting of African Developmental Bank held at Gandhinagar,Gujarat.This is the first time that India is hosting the Annual General Meeting of African Developmental Bank.PM Narendra Modi has also reminded that India is the Fifth largest investor in Africa.


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