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Goverment Plans and Schemes Questions & Answers (Compiled from UPSC, SSC ,PSC ,IBPS previous question papers)

  • Union Cabinet have renamed SAMPADA.What is the new name?

  • APrime Minister Kisan Sampada Yojana.
  • Explanation:

    Scheme for Agro Marine Processing and Development of Agro Processing Clusters(SAMPADA) has been renamed as PMKSY.The scheme is to supplement agriculture ,modernize processing and decrease agri waste.

  • How many MoU's were signed by India and Nepal?

  • A8(eight)
  • Explanation:

    The eight sectors in which India and Nepal signed MoU's are Education,Health,Narcotic Drugs,Cultural heritage,Standardisation and confirmity assessment, mechi bridge and Institute of Chartered Accounts of India and Institute of Chartered Accounts of Nepal.

  • E-RaKAM portal was launched for the welfare of?

  • AFarmers
  • Explanation:

    The Union parliament has now decided to sell agri produce through e-RaKAM portal.It is a joint initiative by state-run-auctioneer MSTC and Central Warehousing Corporation arm CRWC. 

  • What is Jiyo-Parsi?

  • AIt is a welfare scheme for the parsis.
  • Explanation:

    Jiyo Parsi is a scheme for the welfare of parsis in India by the Union Government,due to their declining population.

  • First private scetor to build ships for Indian Navy?

  • AReliance Defence and Engineering limited
  • Explanation:

    Reliance Defence and Engineering Limited has recently bulit 2 ships for the Indian Navy Shruti and Shachi as a part of P-21 projects.These ships are the two out of the five ships in the project build by reliance.