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Hindu Religion & Law Questions & Answers (Compiled from UPSC, SSC ,PSC ,IBPS previous question papers)

  • An action for tort can be brought in cases

  • Awhere there is violation of vested legal rights
  • Bwhere there is no violation of vested legal rights
  • Cwhere there is a violation of contingent legal rights
  • Dwhere there is violation of fundamental rights
  • Resipsa loquitor means

  • Athings speaks for itself
  • Bthings will not speak
  • Caccident speaks for itself
  • Dall of these
  • A Pleader can

  • Adisclose the communication after his client's death
  • Bdisclose the communication after the relation with his client has ended
  • Cnot disclose the communication even when the relation is ended
  • Ddisclose to the opposite party
  • Admissions

  • Amust be examined as a whole and not in parts
  • Bcan be examined in parts
  • Ccan be examined partly not whole
  • Dcannot be examined
  • Facts can be

  • APhysical facts
  • BPsychological facts
  • Cphysical as well as Psychological facts
  • Dphysical facts but not Psychological facts