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Ancient History Questions & Answers (Compiled from UPSC, SSC ,PSC ,IBPS previous question papers)

  • ‘Brown Shirts’ was a :

  • AVolunteer militia of Hitler
  • BSecret police of Hitler
  • CArmy of Fascist Italy
  • DSecret militia of Communist Russia
  • Explanation:

    Red shirts were the followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi in Italy.

    Black shirts were the armed squads of Mussolini.

  • The King who abolished “Pulappedi”:

  • AKulasekhara Alwar
  • BKottayam Kerala Varma
  • CVira Kerala Varma
  • DBalarama Varma
  • Explanation:

    Kottayam Kerala Varma abolished abhorrent customs known as Pulappedi and Mannapedi in 1696.

  • The year of Colachel battle :

  • A1741
  • B1841
  • C1740
  • D1781
  • Explanation:

    In the battle of Colachel held on 10th August 1741, Marthandavarma defeated the Dutch.

  • Founder of Alappuzha city :

  • APaliath Achan
  • BVelu Thampi
  • CBalarama Varma
  • DRaja Kesava Das
  • Explanation:

    Paliath Achans were hereditary Prime Ministers of the Rajah of Kingdom of Kochin.

    Velu Thampi was the Dalawa or Prime Minister of Travancore.