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Bank of India Clerk Exam 2008 : English Language

  • Question 1 :
  • Why were the elephants carrying loads of gold and other valuables ?

  • AThis was what the king had looted from Karnat to distribute among his soldiers as a reward
  • BThis was the king’s offering to the deity out of gratitude for making him victorious
  • CIt was what the king had plundered from Karnat to display to the people of his kingdom as a sign of victory
  • DSo that the people of the kingdom of Karnat acknowledged him as their new ruler
  • ENone of these
  • Question 2 :
  • Why did the king anoint his head with red sandal paste ?

  • AAs a mark of celebration to show he had been victorious
  • BIt was the usual practice for all devotees at the temple
  • CTo show other devotees that he was king
  • DThe priest requested him to do so
  • ETo show his soldiers that he had visited the temple
  • Question 6 :
  • Which of the following is true in the context of the passage ?

  • AThe king stopped at the temple to see what else could be plundered
  • BThe people of the village to which the children belonged developed great respect for the king
  • CThe Commander was ashamed at having obeyed the king’s orders to cane the children
  • DThe jester was unhappy that the king had defeated the army of Karnat
  • EThe children had shown disrespect to the goddess by playing so close to the temple
  • Question 7 :
  • Why did the jester resign from his post ?

  • AHe felt that the king was too influenced by the Minister
  • BTo show that he disapproved of the king’s action of punishing the children
  • CHe did not want to accompany the king on his war campaign
  • DHe was no longer able to make the king laugh
  • ENone of these
  • Question 10 :
  • Why was the king angry with the children ?

  • ABecause the game they were playing was dangerous
  • BThey had lied to him
  • CThey did not recognize him as king
  • DThey had unknowingly insulted him
  • EThey were rude to him