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N D A Examination Solved Question Paper August 2011

  • Question 15 :
  • Tipu Sultan’s major interest in building ships was to

  • Afight the English at sea
  • Bpromote trade and commerce
  • Cmaintain diplomatic relations with Muscat (Oman)
  • Destablish an overseas settlement at port Basra (Iraq), which would be under his control, on lines of the European companies
  • Question 52 :
  • Which one among the following is not true with regard to Rig Veda Samhita?

  • AThere are about 300 non-Indo-European words in Rig Veda
  • BThere is a reference to dasarajna (battle of ten kings) in the Rig Veda
  • CIt is mentioned in the Rig Veda that the Bharata chief Sudas fought against a confederacy of ten tribes
  • DPurus sided with Bharata in the battle of ten kings
  • Explanation:



  • Question 60 :
  • With regard to animal breeding, which one among the following is not correct?

  • AIn-breeding : Mating of more closely related animals within the same breed for 1 - 2 generations
  • BOut-breeding : Breeding of unrelated animals of the same breed without common ancestors for 4 — 6 generations
  • CCross-breeding : Superior males of one breed are mated with superior females of another breed
  • DOut-crossing : Offspring is called an ‘out-cross’ Show Answer
  • Question 78 :
  • Which of the following statements about industrial revolution in Europe is not correct?

  • ABritain was the first country to experience the industrial revolution
  • BEngland was fortunate as coal and iron resources were plentifully available, as were other minerals - lead, copper and tin - that were used in industry
  • CFrom the 1780s, the iron industry symbolized the British industrial revolution
  • DIn England, the movement of goods between markets was helped by a good network of rivers and an indented coastline Show Answer
  • Explanation:

    From the 1780s, cotton industry symbolized the British Industrial revolution. Refer Unit 4 of Class XI History - NCERT.

  • Question 79 :
  • In a democracy, individual differences are encouraged because

  • Aindividuals will place the good of the nation ahead of their own preferences
  • Bindividuals will tend to act and think alike in the long run
  • Cindividual differences make diverse beneficial contributions to the common cause
  • Dthe Constitution guarantees the right of the individual to act as he pleases
  • Question 84 :
  • Doldrums is a

  • ATropical wind belt
  • BTropical wind deflection belt
  • CSub-tropical wind belt
  • DNo answer
  • Explanation:

    No correct answer as doldrums can be best defined as equatorial low-pressure belts

  • Question 100 :
  • Why was Sucheta Kadethankar in the news recently?

  • AShe secured highest rank among women in Civil Services Examination 2010
  • BShe is the first Indian to cross the Gobi Desert
  • CShe is the first Indian to cross the English Channel
  • DShe is the first Indian to climb Mount Everest twice