NABARD Bank Officers Exam 2008 : Reasoning

  1. 1

    Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?

  1. 2

    How many such pairs of letters are there in the word EXPERIMENT each of which have as many letters between them in the word as they have in the English alphabet ?

  1. 3

    How many meaningful English words can be made from the letters EOPR, using each letter only once ?

  1. 4

    Pointing to a photograph Rasika said “He is the grandson of my grandmother’s only son.” How is the boy in photograph related to Rasika ?

  1. 5

    In a certain code ‘open the door’ is written as ‘ka te jo’ ‘door is closed’ is written as ‘jo pa ma’ and ‘this is good’ is written as ‘la ra pa’. What is the code for ‘closed’ ?

  1. 6

    How many such symbols are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately preceded by a vowel and also immediately followed by a number ?

  1. 7

    Four of the following five are alike in a certain way on the basis of their positions in the above arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?

  1. 8

    Which of the following pairs of elements does not have the second element, immediately followed by the first element ?

  1. 9

    How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately followed by a symbol and also immediately preceded by a consonant ?

  1. 10

    What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following series based on the above arrangement ?

    A # D $K1 3FE ?

  1. 11

    Statements :
    Some shoes are socks.
    All socks are towels.
    All towels are bedsheets.
    No bedsheet is blanket.

    Conclusions :
    I. No towel is blanket.
    II. Some shoes are towels.
    III. Some shoes are bedsheets.

  1. 12

    Statements :
    Some fruits are flowers.
    Some flowers are buds.
    No bud is leaf.
    All leaves are plants.
    Conclusions :
    I. No plant is bud.
    II. Some plants are flowers.
    III. Some buds are fruits.

  1. 13

    Statements :
    Some pearls are gems.
    Some gems are diamonds.
    All diamonds are rings.
    All rings are bangles.

    Conclusions :

    I. Some bangles are rings.
    II. All rings are diamonds.
    III. All diamonds are bangles.

  1. 14

    Statements :
    All chairs are tables.
    All tables are telephones.
    All telephones are cell phones.
    No cell phone is computer.

    Conclusions :
    I. All cell phones are tables.
    II. Some chairs are computers.
    III. No chair is computer.

  1. 15

    Statements :
    Some rocks are hills.
    All hills are mountains.
    All mountains are rivers.
    No river is Canal.

    Conclusions :
    I. All rocks are rivers.
    II. Some hills are canals.
    III. Some rivers are canals.

  1. 16

    Who is second to the left of Anjali ?

  1. 17

    Who is to the immediate right of Nisha ?

  1. 18

    Which of the following is the correct position of Rani ?

  1. 19

    Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbours of Nisha ?

  1. 20

    Who is to the immediate left of Savita ?

  1. 21

    16 7 25

    m 23 22

    If ‘m’ is the resultant of the first row, what the resultant of the second row ?

  1. 22

    97 45 71
    48 8 11
    What is the sum of the resultants of the two rows ?

  1. 23

    125 64 33
    282 x 39
    If ‘x’ is resultant of the first row, what is the resultant of the second row ?

  1. 24

    84 14 13
    360 24 17
    What the difference between the resultant of the first row and the second row ?

  1. 25

    24 7 81
    x 27 19
    If ‘x’ is the resultant of the first row, what is the resultant of the second row ?

  1. 26

    What is D’s profession ?

  1. 27

    Who is the professor ?

  1. 28

    Which of the following combinations of profession and place is correct ?

  1. 29

    Which of the following persons work in Jaipur ?

  1. 30

    Who is the Doctor ?

  1. 31

    Statement : Cases of road accidents are increasing constantly, particularly in the urban areas.
    Courses of action :
    I. Transport Authorities in the urban areas should impose stringent norms for maintenance of vehicles.
    II. Traffic police should severely punish those found to be violating traffic rules.

  1. 32

    Statement : Despite good economic progress of the country, significant number of undernourished children has been observed in the rural parts of the country.
    Courses of action :
    I. Government should increase Wealth Tax/Income Tax and use that money for upliftment of the deprived class.
    II. Govt. should introduce schemes like free meals in primary schools and make primary education compulsory.

  1. 33

    Statement : Launching of new brands of four wheelers is adding to the traffic congestion in the metro cities.
    Courses of action :
    I. Public should be encouraged to share their private vehicles while travelling to their work places.
    II. Govt. should levy heavy taxes on motor cars in metro cities.

  1. 34

    Statement : Increasing levels of air-pollution is creating healthhazards for people living in the cities.
    Courses of action :
    I. All industries should be shifted to the outskirts of the cities.
    II. Transport Authorities should take steps for converting all public transport vehicles to
    run on CNG.

  1. 35

    Statement : Large number of college students are found to be focusing more on fashion than on studies.

    Courses of action :
    I. Colleges should impose restrictions on use of fashionable clothes and accessories.
    II. Colleges should keep the students busy enough with studies, so that they don’t find time for other things like fashion.

  1. 36

    (A) Parents in the locality decided to stop sending their children to school by privatevehicles.
    (B) A major accident of a private van carrying school children lead to deaths of few and injuries for many children.

  1. 37

    (A) The city observed lowest temperature of the last decade accompanied by heavy fog during the week.
    (B) Most of the flights from the city were indefinitely delayed causing panic among the passengers.

  1. 38

    (A) In the past few years the job market has improved for the professionally qualified youth.
    (B) Many youth are not able to get jobs upto their expectations.

  1. 39

    (A) During peak hours roads are overcrowded with vehicles causing traffic jams in most parts of the city.
    (B) Many companies are planning to launch low priced vehicles.

  1. 40

    (A) During evening hours roads are overcrowded with vehicles causing very slow movement of vehicles.
    (B) Pollution level in the air has substantially increased in the recent past.

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