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Union Bank of India PO 2011 English Language

  • Question 3 :
  • The author is advocating inclusion of

  • AMore landless women
  • BMore landed women
  • CMore women irrespective of their financial status
  • DLocal people
  • EYounger women in the age group of 25-33 years
  • Question 7 :
  • Why does author say, ‘Rural women’s relationship with forests is complex’ ?

  • ADependence forces them to extract and also have concern for conservation
  • BIf they protect forests, their livelihood is severely affected
  • CPoor women have been excluded from forest management
  • DThey cannot be asked to restore forests which are critical for them
  • EGreener forests do not meet the requirement of firewood
  • Question 8 :
  • Landless women, when in decision making role

  • AExtract much more from forest
  • BImprove their own financial status
  • CDo not care for forest
  • DAre able to meet conservation objectives as well as their own interest
  • EFulfill their own interest at the cost of conservation goals