Mathematics percentage problem practice test 1

  1. 1

    If 40% of a  number is 200,find the number

  1. 2

    When 40 is added to 20% of a  number,same number is obtained.Find the number

  1. 3

    When 300% of a number is 120 ,find 150% of that number

  1. 4

    When Raman sold a radio for Rs 600,40% loss occurred.Find the S.P if he wants a gain of 20%.

  1. 5

    Raju bought a shirt with 15% discount.Had he bought the shirt without discount,he would have paid Rs 60 more.Find CP of the shirt

  1. 6

    Ramesh’s income is more than Mahesh’s income by 20%.Then by how much percentage Mahesh’s income less than Ramesh’s income?

  1. 7

     The income of Anand is 25% less than income of Balu.Then by what percentage income of balu more than Anand.

  1. 8

    If a number is increased by 40% and decreased by 40%,what will be the result?

  1. 9

    A man sold 2 mobile phones at the rate of 1500Rs each.If he gets a profit of 20% in one transaction and a loss of 20% in another transaction,find by what percent he lost or gained in the whole.

  1. 10

    If length of a rectangle is increased by20% and breadth decreased by 10%,find change in area

  1. 11

    There are 500 students in a hostel.Of these,20% drink coffee.50% drink tea.10% drink both.Find the number of students who drink neither

  1. 12

    There are 1000 people in a flat.40% read Malayalam Newspaper,20% read English,10% read both.Find the number of persons who read neither

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