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Career Options in India

"Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life" – Confucius . Confucius was very right, he thought about it millions of years ago. In the present world children don’t have any confusion about choosing a career, it is either to be a doctor or an engineer. The trend hasn’t changed since decades. People are lured towards the two job on two big reasons one is due to the lucrative salary and status and the second big reason is to poor awareness .Awareness of the career options is very important. Only then, we will be able to see positive results in children. Since they can’t relate to any other role models outside, it is very important for them to get the exposure.

In the present scenario exposure is very less. Children only see engineering colleges and medical colleges in their surroundings. They have to be given the right kind of advice to choose what they like. Seminars and council lings can be conducted for them to choose a right kind of career. Otherwise, right kind of advice and promotions can help a parent and a child to choose over from a variety of options. This is the time where we can come to rescue you. We have given a variety of career options to choose from. Read the article below to have an idea of what career to choose for your future ventures.


Science Background


If you have taken Science stream in your higher secondary classes then you can join for engineering courses. There is a lot of departments in engineering from Mechanical to Computer science courses .You can choose your type of stream from the lot. Engineering is an ambitious stream where lots of innovations are encouraged.


Architecture is yet another creative avenue for students. It is the art of building and designing a house according to the needs of the customer. Students who are aesthetically creative can opt for this career.

Medical Science

Medical science is another prestigious avenue in career options. If you want to stay in a medical field then you can pursue your field as a doctor, nurse, Lab Technician or in pharmaceuticals.

It is a widely developing field due to the increasing proximity of diseases. The career is famous as well as it is very competitive.

Non-Science Back Ground


Students who hate engineering background and loves to work in an environment which deals with Money and finance then commerce is the best option .If you take commerce you can specialize on subjects such as Accountancy, Economics and Finance .Among the professions in commerce Chartered Accountancy is the most prestigious profession.


Arts subjects meaning subjects like Languages, Social science Subjects etc .Students after taking degree and masters degree in the subjects opt for research or for teaching.

Mass Communication

If students wants to shine in Mass media, then there are number of courses teaching mass communication courses .There are also lot of colleges who trains students in teaching mass communication course for example Asian College of Journalism, Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media ,Bangalore.

General Careers

Civil Services

Civil services is the most prestigious career in the country. It is a chance for the youth of our county to serve the government of India in a reputed position at a very young age. Any person who has completed his/her graduation in any field is eligible to write the exam.


Indian forces is a very glamorous career for the youths. Forces conduct recruitments for different posts in the technical and non technical background. Students with science back ground can write the technical exam and students with non technical background can write the respective exam. Students who are passionate about forces must write the recruitment exam and must pass the respective physical tests. Men and Women can join forces equally.

Social Work

Social work is also a career chosen by students irrespective of any back ground. Students who wish to serve the needy can complete their courses in social work and can work international organizations and NGO's.


Teaching is a career opted by many young women and men of our country. Students who loves to teach children opts for this course. Those who would like to teach college students must write NET(National eligibility Test ) which is held twice an year.