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neeraja asked a question IBPS RRB PO
16 July 2018 09:59:AM
Tom gave 20 % of a certain amount of money to Ali. From the money Ali received, he spent 25% on school fees and 35% on buying school uniform. After the mentioned expenses, Ali had Rs. 2800 remaining with him. How much did Tom have initially?

Vidhya asked a question
16 July 2018 02:26:AM
Assistant grade exam question solved

muneer asked a question
11 July 2018 10:47:AM
The ratio of male and female participants of a Grama Sabha is 2:3. If ⅓of male members ⅙and of females boy-cotted the meeting, what will be the male female ratio of remaining members?

Gokul asked a question
05 July 2018 06:47:AM
By putting a 5 at the end of a number ,it's value increased by 479480the number is?

Gokul asked a question Secretariat Assistant
04 July 2018 11:14:AM
Sh,cn,up complete the series

Gokul asked a question
04 July 2018 11:13:AM
Sh,cn,up complete the series

Neeraj verma asked a question National Defense Academy and Indian Naval Academy
30 June 2018 08:51:AM
Idealized global pattern of winds from equator to pole

Viji asked a question Beat Forest Officer
29 June 2018 09:35:AM
Eighth part of a number exceeds the ninth part by 5. The number is?

05 July 2018 06:46:AM
(X/8)-(x/9)=5 (X/72)=5 X=72×5=360

Rsagar asked a question SBI Clerk
26 June 2018 11:10:PM
Making pies and cakes ..........(is/are) his speciality.

dhinesh s asked a question MTS
23 June 2018 12:45:AM
please explanation