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Vivek asked a question Kerala LDC
07 July 2020 11:32:AM
Engilsh questions

Sajila asked a question Kerala LDC
26 June 2020 01:16:PM
വെഴ്‌സായ് ഉടമ്പടി ഒപ്പുവെച്ച വർഷം

Krushika Reddy Bhavanam asked a question
19 June 2020 02:06:AM
-----is the bottleneck,when it comes computer performance

Dhanasekar asked a question Range Forest Officer
04 June 2020 03:06:AM
Rao, Kaul, Bansal and agarwal enter into a partnership, Rao, Kaul, Bansal subscribe 1/3rd, 1/4th, 1/5th of the investment respectively and agarwal the rest. If the profit of Rs. 9,84,000 is divided according to their investment, What is Agarwal's share of profit?

Afsal ot asked a question
13 May 2020 03:58:AM
I am pale......? Anser

Haris asked a question UPSC Civil service
30 April 2020 02:35:AM
As compared to last year there “has been a sharp rise” in interest rates.

Shubham Maurya asked a question
29 April 2020 11:48:PM
In the 1970s banks “required to submit” the detailed plans of new branches to RBI.

manisha asked a question IBPS PO
28 April 2020 10:26:AM
how much is 23% out of 60

urvashi asked a question
28 April 2020 12:40:AM
democracy's superior virtue lies in the fact that it calls into activity

Amrutha asked a question
23 April 2020 11:27:AM
Either Sumesh or his friends................ com.