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Harsha asked a question
16 September 2018 01:39:AM
Plant which grown in shade are called

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
18 September 2018 12:00:AM
Sciophytes are shade-loving trees or plants. These plants have larger photosynthetic units than sun plants or heliophytes. Sciophytes are also known as photophobous plants and they reach their saturation level in only 20% sunlight.

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
17 September 2018 11:59:PM

SANTHOSH KUMAR P asked a question Kerala LDC
10 September 2018 02:51:AM
National science day

Resmi S
11 September 2018 12:38:AM
February 28 National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on 28 February 1928.

SHADAB KHAN asked a question CPO
08 September 2018 11:33:AM
disguised unemployment in India is mainly related to

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
10 September 2018 01:20:AM
Agricultural sector and Rural area

Bakhtawar mughal asked a question Block Development Officer
31 August 2018 10:46:AM
If 10 workers wegas in 6 days is 1200.what are the wages of 4 workes in one day

02 September 2018 11:55:PM
Wages of 4 workers in one day = 80

Sandeep arya asked a question CGL
22 August 2018 06:03:AM
The height. And the total surface area of a right circular cylinder are4 cm and 8 πsq.the radius of a base cylinder

Anil Mathews Ninan
29 August 2018 12:09:AM
Answer : (22–??2) cm Description h=4cm 2?r(h+r)=8?cm2 r(h+r)=4 r(4+r)=4 4r+r2=4 r2+4r?4=0 r=?4±16+16??????2=?4±42–?2 =?2±22–? r=(22–??2)cm

Shital dattatraya Ligade asked a question
18 August 2018 11:48:AM
Smallest unit of c#

A asked a question
11 August 2018 06:07:AM
61 82 124 ? 376

Shital dattatraya Ligade
18 August 2018 12:03:PM
Ans is 208

Theeertha asked a question Secretariat Assistant
03 August 2018 02:59:AM
Isomerism with a difference in the position of the functional group are known as

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
13 August 2018 12:23:AM
Position isomerism.

Theeertha asked a question Secretariat Assistant
03 August 2018 02:44:AM
The metal used for making filament in an incandasant lamp

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
13 August 2018 12:24:AM
Tungsten metal is selected for making filaments of incandescent lamp bulbs because it can sustain high temperatures, i.e., it has a high melting point.

Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
13 August 2018 12:24:AM
Tungsten metal

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02 August 2018 03:23:AM
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