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AIPMT Solved Paper 2015

  • Question 12 :
  • ACyclopentanonyl cation
  • BCyclopentanonyl radical
  • CCyclopentanonyl biradical
  • DCyclopentanonyl anion
  • Explanation:

  • Question 26 :
  • The reaction

  • AWilliamson continuous etherification process
  • BEtard reaction
  • CGatterman - Koch reaction
  • DWilliamson Synthesis
  • Explanation:

    Given reaction is an important laboratory method
    for the preparation of symmetrical and
    unsymmetrical ethers. In this method, an alkyl halide
    is allowed to react with sodium alkoxide.

  • Question 39 :
  • Which of these statements about [Co(CN)6] is true:-

  • A[Co(CN)6] has four unpaired electrons and will be in a low-spin configuration.
  • B[Co(CN)6] has four unpaired electrons and will be in a high spin configuration.
  • C[Co(CN)6] has no unpaired electrons and will be in a high-spin configurtion.
  • D[Co(CN)6] has no unpaired electrons and will be in a low-spin configuration.
  • Explanation:


    Co+3 = 3d6 4s0 4p0

    in presence of strong field ligand, pairing of
    electrons occurs so in this complex no unpaired
    electron is present and it is low spin complex.


  • Question 57 :
  • Sliding filament theory can be best explained as :-

  • AActin and Myosin filaments shorten and slide pass each other
  • BActin and Myosin filaments do not shorten but rather slide pass each other
  • CWhen myofilaments slide pass each other, Myosin filaments shorten while Actin filaments do not shorten
  • DWhen myofilaments slide pass each other Actin filaments shorten while Myosin filament do not shorten
  • Question 64 :
  • ASesbania
  • BPetunia
  • CBrassica
  • DAllium
  • Question 66 :
  • Which of the following statements is not correct?

  • AGoblet cells are present in the mucosa of intestine and secrete mucus
  • BOxyntic cells are present in the mucosa of stomach and secrete HCl.
  • CAcini are present in the pancreas and secrete carboxypeptidase
  • DBrunner's glands are present in the submucosa of stomach and secrete pepsinogen
  • Question 91 :
  • In which of the following both pairs have correct
    combination :-

  • AIn situ conservation : Cryopreservation Ex situ conservation : Wildlife Sanctuary
  • BIn situ conservation : Seed Bank Ex situ conservation : National Park
  • CIn situ conservation : Tissue culture Ex situ conservation : Sacred groves
  • DIn situ conservation : National Park Ex situ conservation : Botanical Garden
  • Question 100 :
  • In a ring girdled plant:

  • AThe root dies first
  • BThe shoot and root die together
  • CNeither root nor shoot will die
  • DThe shoot dies first
  • Question 102 :
  • Multiple alleles are present :

  • AAt different loci on the same chromosome
  • BAt the same locus of the chromosome
  • COn non-sister chromatids
  • DOn different chromosomes
  • Question 116 :
  • Alleles are :

  • Atrue breeding homozygotes
  • Bdifferent molecular forms of a gene
  • Cheterozygotes
  • Ddifferent phenotype
  • Question 120 :
  • Which one of the following statements in incorrect?

  • AIn competitive inhibition, the inhibitor molecule is not chemically changed by the enzyme.
  • BThe competitive inhibitor does not affect the rate of breakdown of the enzyme-substrate complex.
  • CThe presence of the competitive inhibitor decreases the Km of the enzyme for the substrate.
  • DA competitive inhibitor reacts reversibly withthe enzyme to form an enzyme- inhibitor complex.
  • Question 122 :
  • Which one of the following statements is not true?

  • APollen grains of some plants cause severe allergies and bronchial afflictions in some people
  • BThe flowers pollinated by flies and bats secrete foul odour to attract them
  • CHoney is made by bees by digesting - pollen collected from flowers
  • DPollen grains are rich in nutrients, and they are used in the form of tablets and syrups
  • Question 127 :
  • The hilum is a scar on the :

  • AFruit, where it was attached to pedicel
  • BFruit, where style was present
  • CSeed, where micropyle was present
  • DSeed, where funicle was attached
  • Question 129 :
  • Which one of the following statements is wrong?

  • AAgar - agar is obtained from Gelidium and Gracilaria
  • BChlorella and Spirulina are used as space food
  • CMannitol is stored food in Rhodophyceae
  • DAlgin and carragen are products of algae
  • Question 139 :
  • A5/3 RAI
  • B3/5 RAI
  • C[13/53]1/3RAI
  • D[53/13]1/3>RAI
  • Explanation:

    R ∝ A1/3

    RAI/RTe= [27/125]1/3 ⇒ RTe = 5/3 RAI