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Engineering Services Exam Solved Question Paper 2012

  • Question 5 :
  •  Zero Hour in the Parliament proceeding in Indias is:

  • AThe time when the proceedings of the House are not recorded
  • BThe time immediately after the Question Hour when any listed business is taken up
  • CThe time reserved for the address by the President of India or any distinguished Guest of the State
  • DThe time when no business is carried out
  • Question 6 :
  • Excise Duty is a tax levied on :

  • ACommodities that are exported
  • BCommodities that are imported
  • CBoth the exported and imported commodities
  • DCommodities that are produced and consumed within the country
  • Question 10 :
  • Which one among the following is categorised as All India Service

  • AIndian Audit and Accounts Service
  • BIndian Railway Service
  • CIndian Forest Service
  • DIndian Economic Service
  • Explanation:

    The officers of the All India Services are recruited and trained by the Central Government and serve in the various State Governments as well as Centre, whereas personnel of Central services work only for the Central Government. IAS, IPS and IFS are the three all India Services. 

  • Question 26 :
  • If the Earth does not incline on its own axis :

  • AAll the seasons would have been of same duration.
  • BThe seasons would not have changed.
  • CThe summers would have been of longer duration.
  • DThe winters would have been of longer duration.
  • Question 57 :
  • Why did Rabindranath Tagore renounce his knighthood?

  • ATo protest against the Jallianwalla Bagh incident
  • BTo protest against lathi charge on Lala Lajpat Rai that caused his death
  • CTo express solidarity with the leaders of Non-Cooperation Movement
  • DTo express solidarity with the protestors against the arrival of Simon Commission