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Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2015 - General Studies Paper - II

  • Question 7 :
  • Which one of the following is essentially discussed in the passage?

  • AConflict between developed and developing countries regarding support for mitigation
  • BOccurrence of climate change due to excessive exploitation of natural resources by the developed countries
  • CLack of political will on the part of all the countries to implement adaptation plans.
  • DGovernance problems of developing countries as a result of climate change
  • Question 76 :
  • AFamily A spent more money on food than Family B.
  • BFamily B spent more money on food than Family A.
  • CFamily A and Family B spent the same amount on food.
  • DThe expenditure on food by Family A and Family B cannot be compared.
  • Question 78 :
  • From the graph, which one of the following can be concluded?

  • AOn the average A earned more than B during this period.
  • BOn the average B earned more than A during this period.
  • CThe earnings of A and B were equal during this period.
  • DThe earnings of A were less as compared to B during this period.