What is the career growth and salary of ibps clerk?

Open Guide – IBPS clerk has a very good career growth. Students who don’t make it to the IBPS PO shouldn’t worry they can easily take promotion after joining as a clerk. IBPS clerk also has a very good salary package. It’s an attractive package for a fresher straight out of college.

Career Growth of an IBPS Clerk

Bank Clerk-->Assistant Manager-->Manager-->Senior Manager-->Chief Manager-->Assistant General

Manager-->Deputy General Manager-->General Manager

Salary Package of an IBPS Clerk

Basic Salary:-The basic salary of IBPS Clerk is Rs 11,765.

Increment:-After completion of the first year in service you will have an increment of Rs 400 and in the second year Rs 500/-.

Dearness Allowance (DA):-Dearness Allowance is increased or changed quarterly according to the Consumer Price Index of the economy.

House Rent Allowance (HRA):-House rent allowance will depend on the figures such as 8.50%, 7.50% and 6.50 %.The figures will change according to the place of posting such as metros, towns, cities, villages etc.

Travelling Allowance:-Banks will also provide travelling allowance to its staffs on the basis of the distance from the house to the banks.

Medical Aid:-All banks will pay medical aid to the banks every year .Usually banks will pay an amount of Rs 2000 every year to the staffs. In case of other serious issues other benefits are also provided by the banks to its staffs.

Salary in Hand:-Clerks will get a salary of Rs 19,461 in hand after adding all the allowances.

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