History Questions & Answers (Compiled from previous question papers)

History is a very important topic for the exams of UPSC,SSC,PSC and CDS examinations.History forms the base for exams such as UPSC,SSC,PSC and CDS examinations.Study of history from the exam point of view includes Ancient History,Medieval History Modern India,World History ,Kerala History etc .These questions are mandatory for central government exams.Study of History is a major part for administrative exams of Government of India.

In this section we have compiled all the important and repetitive question from History section.Questions from previous question papers of SSC,PSC,UPSC etc have also been filed in this section.Check on the below set of questions on History for the upcoming exams on SSC,PSC UPSC prelims and CDS exams.

Latest History Questions & Answers

  • ‘Brown Shirts’ was a :

  • AVolunteer militia of Hitler
  • BSecret police of Hitler
  • CArmy of Fascist Italy
  • DSecret militia of Communist Russia
  • Explanation:

    Red shirts were the followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi in Italy.

    Black shirts were the armed squads of Mussolini.

  • The King who abolished “Pulappedi”:

  • AKulasekhara Alwar
  • BKottayam Kerala Varma
  • CVira Kerala Varma
  • DBalarama Varma
  • Explanation:

    Kottayam Kerala Varma abolished abhorrent customs known as Pulappedi and Mannapedi in 1696.

  • The year of Colachel battle :

  • A1741
  • B1841
  • C1740
  • D1781
  • Explanation:

    In the battle of Colachel held on 10th August 1741, Marthandavarma defeated the Dutch.

  • Founder of Alappuzha city :

  • APaliath Achan
  • BVelu Thampi
  • CBalarama Varma
  • DRaja Kesava Das
  • Explanation:

    Paliath Achans were hereditary Prime Ministers of the Rajah of Kingdom of Kochin.

    Velu Thampi was the Dalawa or Prime Minister of Travancore.

  • Borobudur is the site of

  • Aa huge temple of Vishnu and Shiva in Java,built in the 12th century A.D
  • Ban enormous stupa in java built in the 8th century A.D
  • Ca magnificent palace of a Chola king in Tamil Nadu
  • Da Jain monastery in Gujarat
  • Patanjali was

  • Aa philosopher of 'yogacharya' school
  • Bauthor of a book on ayurveda
  • Ca philosopher of 'Madhyamika' school
  • Dauthor of a commentary on Panini's Sanskrit grammer