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Technology Questions & Answers (Compiled from previous question papers)

Computer Knowledge is becoming an important part in bank exams.The topic for Computer Knowledge for bank exams are Number system,History of Computers,Hardware,Software,Data Base,Ms Windows and Ms office etc.Questions in Computer Knowledge are easy as the topic are less and questions are easy as the questions are asked from the daily use of computers and phones.

Most of the questions in Computer Knowledge are asked from Database,spreadsheets ,MsOffice etc.The questions are compiled from previous question papers as it is sure for the questions to repeat as the topics are less for Computer Knowledge section.Given below questions are repetitive in nature and they are filed from the previous question papers of IBPS bank examinations ,IBPS insurance exams,etc

Latest Technology Questions & Answers

  • WML is :

  • AWAP Markup Language
  • BWAO Manipulation Language
  • CWireless Manipulation Language
  • DWirless Markup Language
  • ENone of these