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Aptitude Questions & Answers (Compiled from previous question papers)

Quantitative Aptitude is an inevitable section for the competitive exams of India.It analyses the mathematical skills of a student.Knowledge of basic skills in mathematics is evident for competitive exams,though it is not mandatory,questions for exams like CDS,UPSC(CSAT),PSC are of basic tenth standard level.

Quantitative Aptitude questions are asked from chapters like Boats and Streams,Time and Work Compound Interestetc .In this section we have also given steps and diagrams to each question ,making it easier for the students to understand.Our this section of Quantitative Aptitude are sorted according to different chapters made easier for students to go through questions chapter wise.We also update newly modeled questions to update students on change of pattern.Look at the question below which are given chapter wise and which is helpful for aspirants of Banking(IBPS),SSC,PSC,CDS and UPSC(CSAT).

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