Politics Questions & Answers (Compiled from UPSC, SSC ,PSC ,IBPS previous question papers)

  • The Interim President of pakisthan was?

  • AShahid Khaqann Abbasi
  • Explanation:

    Shahid Aqqaqan was the President of Pakisthan when Nawaz Sheriff got disqualified as PM,due to his name in the panama wiki paper leaks.

  • Who is the 19th Chief minister of Nagaland

  • AT R Zeilang
  • Explanation:

    Governor B Acharya appointed T R Zeilang as 19th Chief Minister of Nagaland.T R Zeilang is the Naga People's Front legislator.T R Zeilang quitted as Chief Minister on February due to the tribal protest 

  • Speaker of the 12th Legislative Assembly in Kerala :

  • AK. Radhakrishnan
  • BM. Vijayakumar
  • CVakkam Purushothaman
  • DNone of these
  • Explanation:

    The speaker of 13th Kerala Legislative Assembly – G. Karthikeyan

    Deputy speaker of 13th Kerala Legislative Assembly – N. Sakthan