How to improve your score for quantitative aptitude sections?

Open Guide – Quantitative Aptitude is one of the sections where more care is needed. Candidates are tensed about QA section in all exams. There is no need to be scared about QA section,you can improve your marks by changing your study pattern.Read the points below and learn how to improve your marks through small changes.

1)      Learn Simplification Thoroughly

Learn simplification thoroughly, in most of the exams simplification will be asked .Give perfection to each and every question. By doing simplifications, you can score 5 to 6 marks. Never neglect simplifications .It’s a clean chit for every student to get a job.

2)      Revise easy chapters

Revise easy chapters often. Do not spend time on tough chapters. Thorough, those chapters well .They are going to surely give you generous marks.

3)      By heart shortcuts

Do not waste time doing steps in the examination hall. It is not a school exam to give you marks for the steps. If you know some sure questions for exam, by heart their short cuts. If you don’t by heart those short cuts, then you are risking a chance.

4)      Practice daily

Practise, QA questions daily .It will give you a constant touch over your portions .You will never forget the short cuts if you are practicing it daily.

5)      Previous year questions

Go through previous year question paper. The questions in the previous question paper will always be repetitive. The chapters asked in the previous exams will also be repetitive. Observe well the questions and try to think from the examiner’s mind.

6)      Mock tests and Work outs

Do mock tests daily. It is the biggest short cut to success. After doing mock tests work out every single question. If you don’t work it out then there is no point in doing the mock tests.

7)      Accuracy

Make your answers 100 % accurate .Accuracy is another point. Exams are very competitive ,questions are getting very standardized day by bay. In such an era, due to the pressure from all these factors answers can go wrong. One mistake means 100 ranks behind. Do not be ready for such an adventure. While you practice mock tests ,practice questions as well as accuracy.