How to study quantitative aptitude for ibps po mains?

Open Guide – Quantitative Aptitude is the toughest section for most of the students. It is a time consuming section .If it is managed well during mock tests you will be able to do it perfectly for main also. Read the article below to score good marks for quantitative aptitude section.

 1)      Simplify Simplifications

Simplify the five simplifications in the ibps  po exam. Make five simplifications accurate and make no mistakes in them .Reduce the time you take for doing simplifications .Understand that there are graphs waiting for you to crack it.

2)      Data Redundancy

Data redundancy question will have five questions. When you do mock tests try to get the five redundancy questions correct .If you get all the simplifications and data redundancies then you will get a total of 10 marks.

3)      Easy Graphs

Do not fear if you have graphs in your exam. Graphs are the best questions to purchase you marks in groups. Identify two easy graphs and do the questions faster. In graphs itself you will have easy and tough ones. The first question in almost every graph will be tough, prohibiting you from doing the rest, identify it and move further.

4)       Accuracy

In a PO exam, you won’t be able to do many questions. Give perfection to every single question you do .Only a few marks will be needed to secure the section cut off and the final cut off. The ones who maintain the accuracy will secure the job.

5)      Tough ones last

In every exam do the tough ones last . Do the easy ones initially. It will save you a lot of time and will give you the confidence to do the tough ones.

6)      Do not Panic

Do not panic during the exam. Fix an order of questions while you are practicing the mock exam. Do it in such an order whatever happens. It will not confuse you during the exam.

7)      Time Limit

There are only 40 minutes to attend the questions of Quantitative Aptitude section. While doing practice test check how many minutes you will take for doing group questions. Do not take more than that for the main exam and if possible finish  two to three minutes before .