Shortcuts to win IBPS RRB Clerk

Open Guide - IBPS RRB Clerk is a common written examination held to select clerks in Regional Rural Banks of India.Regional Rural banks are regional level banks working in different states of India.The exam is very easy to crack,read the article below to win teh IBPS RRB exams easily.

1)      By  heart squares and tables

By hearting squares and tables are the best ways to score maximum for IBPS RRb clerk exam. If you do it, then you will be able to save lots of time. Squares till 35 has to be by hearted and cubes till 15 must also be by hearted.

2)      Reasoning Full

It is very simple to attend the full questions in the reasoning section. Essay ones like the syllogism, input/output, ranking questions must be done first and group questions such as the puzzles must be done towards the end of the reasoning section.

3)      Read newspaper and make notes

Read news papers every day. If you read newspapers everyday then , you will have a good flar for English and you don’t have to study English grammar separately.

There are two advantages if you read papers one is improving English language other is Current affairs. Read news at the same time write down notes .It will help you scoring high marks for current affairs.

4)      Practise Tests

Practise tests is another life saver for students. If you don’t do mock tests you will never pass an examinations. Only a mock test can point out your strengths and weakness. After writing a mock test, work out the whole test unless and until you will get the desired results.

5)      Daily 8 hrs of study

Study 8 hrs daily if you are studying for a competitive exam. It will serve you enough for winning an exam. Understand where and why you are losing marks and you will climb the steps of victory soon.

6)      Stick to Time limits

One thing you have to notice is that while you do mock tests at home stick to time limit. If possible always finish two to three minutes before the allotted time. It will give you  an edge over other students finishing the exam in the correct time.

7)      Make it Right

Keep up accuracy. It is very important in an exam .Especially in an exam like IBPS RRb clerk, the questions will be simple. Practise questions as well as accuracy in the mock tests. Remember that negative marks will take you the job away from you.

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