How to win Kerala psc in three months?

Open Guide-Kerala psc is an exam which can be earned with just three months of continuous study .If you don’t study daily, then you wont be able to crack any exam. If you study daily then you will be able to crack an exam with just three months. Look at the article below and understand how to get a job in just three months.

1)      Study Daily for 5 hrs

Kerala psc job is not far away .It can be earned in just three months if you study daily for 5 hrs. .Do not have a gap in studying it will drain you away your inbuilt knowledge. Study at least for 5 hrs if you don’t do that you wont be able to recall what you have studie the day before.

 2)      Relate to codes

Before you forget your notes, relate it to codes. Make your codes. It will never fade fom your memory .Make it a habit to learn with codes. It will save your marks as well as time. Create interesting codes and make studying fun.

3)      Indian Independence

Indian independence is one of the section where most of the questions are asked. The Indian independence section is very confusing ,but it is very repetitive. If you study such a portion then it will help you different exams. Study the section thoroughly with the help of codes.

4)      Read High school textbooks

Read high school text books for a base .It will give you a good foundation over all the questions you study. Read  its social studies text books and it will make your kerala psc preparations very easier.

5 ) Importance to Indian Constitution

Indian constitution is a very important topic for competitive exams like psc. Few questions from Indian constitution are a sure shot in the exams. The articles in the constitution are as well as very confusing. Study and revise Indian constitution very often as it will give you generous marks in exams.

5)      Prepare notes from News Paper

If you don’t have the habit of reading news paper then start by today. Read news paper and  make useful notes from it. They will be your treasures throughout your examination .By reading unnecessary material you can save your time with your own notes.

6)      Previous questions

Refer previous questions from questions papers. It will provide you with some sure questions and topics. By looking at the question papers try to think from the person who put the question paper.

7)      Educational Weekly

A good educational weekly will provide you with the latest news on jobs and recruitment examinations. Buy a  weekly regularly and update yourself on important news.