How to study general knowledge for Kerala psc exam?

Open Guide – General Knowledge is the most important section in Kerala psc exams. It  can be studied easily with  the right strategy and books. It is also confusing and vast but to avoid it read the  tips below to pass the general knowledge section with flying colours.

1)      Buy  an year book

Buy a good year book of your favorite medium and go through the different pages .An year book  will help you to score good marks in general knowledge section .It will have all the new details on districts states, ministers etc.

2)      Read high school text books

If you read your high school text books then you will have good foundation over the general knowledge .Read high school text book before you start studying for kerala psc exam.

Subjects like history and Indian constitution will be easy if you get a foundation from your base.

3)      Indian Independence

Indian independence is one of the most important topics in kerala  psc portions .The dates, name of the viceroys are very important as well as confusing. Have a strong grip on that portion and everything will be all is well.

4)      Importance to Indian Constitution

Indian constitution is another important section in kerala psc postions. The different articles in the constitution can always be very confusing. Learn Indian constitution very thoroughly .Do not afford to take chances when it comes to Indian Constitution.

5)      Study Daily

Study daily for 5 hrs if you don’t want to forget what you have studied. It will definitely earn you a good job in kerala psc. Study at least 10 questions daily and it will serve you well for your exams.

6)      Learn with codes

There are a lot of dates and names to be by hearted; it will only confuse you more. To avoid that learn with codes. It will stay in your mind forever and will reduce your confusion. If you can make your own codes then you wont forget it in your life.

7)      Depth of Knowledge

Increase your depth of knowledge by reading text books relating to your portions. Wide knowledge will help you to eliminate options thus leading to your answer and a job.

8)      Learn with your own notes

If its is possible study using your own notes. It will give you a sense of confidence to study even further. If you prepare your  own notes then you can assure yourself a job.