How to study Reasoning for IBPS Clerk?

Open Guide – Reasoning is one of the easiest sections to score marks for a bank exam. If practiced well before exam it is very easy get high marks in reasoning. It is not tough as it seems.It can be even attempted without proper coaching,but with a litle common sense.Given below are some useful tips to score good marks for Reasoning.

 1)       Know the syllabus

Before studying for the exam, get to know the different types of questions asked for reasoning section. There are different types of question in reasoning section. It will vary from syllogism to puzzles. Know the syllabus particularly and understand what to expect.

2)      Learn All Types

Identify the types of questions asked for reasoning section. The different types of questions asked are Syllogism, Coded Inequalities, Puzzles, and Ranking etc. Take each type and learn how to crack it .It is a skill of logical ability, with practice anybody can crack it

3)      An Exam Strategy

It is easy to score high marks for reasoning section if it planned well before the exam .Do easy question first for any exam and without pressure give time to hard ones. For reasoning section, first do questions which are easy such as syllogism, ranking etc. Later do questions such as puzzles, which has to be done peacefully.

4)       Puzzles are the best

Many students fear puzzles for exam. Puzzles are the best questions to score marks in a bunch. If solved well, you can get five to six marks in a row. Practice tough puzzles during mock tests.

Never do puzzles in the beginning; an unsolved puzzle will put you in a pressure throughout the section.

5)      Set Time Limit

Reasoning section will contain 50 questions. To do reasoning questions, you cannot take more than 25 minutes. While doing mock tests, finish off the questions before 5 minutes.