How to study reasoning for IBPS PO?

Open Guide – Reasoning is the best section among the other sections in current affairs .It can be done and practiced without any coaching. This is the only section where you can do maximum questions with just your logical ability .Read the tips below to get good marks for the section.

1)      Just Brain Teasers

Do not take reasoning section as a mark scorer, consider as a brain teaser .Reasoning sections do not need any coaching to do. It can be done by anyone who do not have any previous coaching.

2)      Keep Time limit

Maintain the time limit of the section. The total time period of reasoning section is 40 minutes. Remember that you have to do all the questions in that prescribed time limit. While doing mock tests keep the time limit and attend it.If possible finish 2 to 3 minutes before the alotted time.

3)      Puzzle Game

Puzzles are the best part of reasoning section. If done you will get a bunch of marks together. Practise tough puzzles while doing  mock tests.Candidates must have a cleark cut way of working out a puzzle.Make a good strategy while working out puzzle and it will definetly save you time.You will only have 5 to 6 mts to work out a puzzle.During mock tests practise in the same way. 

4)     Do Similar Exercises

These kinds of similar questions will be available in newspapers and magazines.Work out those questions.Examples will be like sodokus, Jumpled Words ,cross words etc accustom yourselves to those kinds of exercises which will make reasoning simpler.

5)      Attend Maximum

During mock tests attend maximum questions.This is one section you can attend maximum  questions with just your logical ability.Finish off syllogism,input/output,ranking etc in one go and give more time to puzzles.In such a way you can attend maxium questions.