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  • 08-Sep-2017
  • Lakshadweep Parali I island vanishes

     Lakshadweep Parali I island vanished due to coastal erosion.Parali I island, part of Bangaram atoll, which had an area of 0.032 sq.km in 1968 has been completely eroded, resulting in its inundation.

  • 07-Sep-2017
  • Indian scientists make artificial leaf

    Indian scientists have made artificial leaf that absorbs sunlight to generate hydrogen fuel from water.Scientists conclude that this energy conversion can be applied to cars which can be made eco friendly.

  • 28-Aug-2017
  • India imposes anti-dumping duty on China's Sodium Nitrate products

    India has imposed anti-dumpinfg duties on China's Sodium Nitrate products for a term of five years.It was imposed based on recommendations of Directorate General of Antidumping and Allied Duties (DGAD).

  • 26-Aug-2017
  • GM crops will have bio safety and socio economic evaluation 

    The union cabinet said that the GM crops will now have to go through bio-safety and socio economic evaluation.The environment ministry should examine the impact of GM crops on environment thoroughly, in consultation with all stakeholders so that the nation is very clear about all its probable effects before taking a call on the matter.

  • 24-Aug-2017
  • Rooftop Solar project in Odisha

    Odisha government has planned to utilize solar power on roof tops of buildings.The consumers will be provided with 30% ubsidy from the government.

  • 19-Aug-2017
  • China launches new cyber court

    China has launched a new cyber court that will settle online cases in the internet itself.The Hangzou internet court settled its first claim,a internet claim between an online writer and an internet company.

  • 18-Aug-2017
  • Union Cabinet launches Harit Diwali,Swasth Diwali

    Union Minister For Environment,Forest and Climate Change has launched Harit Diwali,Swasth Diwali.The campaign was launched to celebrate a healthy and green diwali to reduce air pollution during diwali celebration.


  • 17-Aug-2017
  • India inks Global Environment Facility Grant with World Bank

    India inks global environment facility grant with world bank for ecosystem service improvemnet project .This programme will be implemented in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.


  • Union cabinet approves completion of North Koel River Project

    Union cabinet has approved the the completion of North Koel river project in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.The cabinet also approved raising extra budgetary resources of up to Rs. 9,020 crore for completing ongoing irrigation projects in the country.

  • 12-Aug-2017
  • Union Environment minister launches Gajyatra

    Unionn Enviroment minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has launched Harsh Yatra nation wide to protect elephants on the ocassion of Wold Elephant day.The campaign is planned to cover 12 elephant range states.

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