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  • 22-Jun-2017
  • King Salman's son new King in Saudi Arabia

    King Salman's son is the next heir to rule Saudi Arabia.Mohammad Bin salman bin Abdulaziz will be first in line to succeed his father King salman as the ruler of gulf nation. 

  • Russian Diplomat Vladimir Voronkov UN's first counter-terrorism chief

    Vladimir Voronkov has been chosen as the UN's first counter-terrorism chief strengthening efforts to counter global terrorism.He has been serving as the Russia's representative to international organisations in Vienna.


  • 21-Jun-2017
  • NASA tests ROSA on space station

    NASA test Roll out solar Array on the space station that can one day power satellites and spacecrafts.It also has the potential to make solar arrays thinner for satellite radio and television,weather forecast etc. 

  • China unveils world's first virtual express train

    The new train operates on virtual track using sensor techology instead of metal rails.The new trains are battery powered and non-polluting.It can travel 25kms in distance after charging for 10mts.

  • 19-Jun-2017
  • NASA Orion clears Safety Tests

    NASA's Orion Spacecraft designed to take astronauts deeper into space has cleared safety tests.Researchers tested the Abort system for five seconds and gave it green signal.The launch abort system is an important part of spacecraft to make sure whether the crew members are safe.


  • 17-Jun-2017
  • Father of German Unification Helmit Kohl passess away

    Helmit Kohl ,German's Ex Chancellor and Architect of Unification in 1990 passed away.Kohl was also the longest serving chancellor of the 20th Century.

  • 16-Jun-2017
  • UN General Assembly approves new Counter Terrorism Office

    The General Assembly approved the establishment of new Counter terrorism Office to help its member states achieve organizations global counter terrorism strategy.

  • 15-Jun-2017
  • Israeli Author David Grossman wins Man Booker International Prize

    Isreali author David Grossman has won the Man Booker International Prize for his novel 'A horse walks into a bar'.He has also become the first Isreali author to win a Man booker Prize International.

  • 13-Jun-2017
  • Rafeal nadal ranks 2 in ATP Rankings

    Spaniard Rafeal Nadal has ranked two in the latest ATP rankings after French open.Andy Murray (Britain) continues to lead the ATP rankings.

  • Panama forges diplomatic ties with China,disaffiliate with Taiwan

    Panama has established new ties with China breaking away from Taiwan.It is also a victory for China to isolate Taiwan from rest of the World.

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