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  • 27-Jul-2017
  • Glow in the dark shark found

    A glow in the dark shark has been found from the 1000 feet below Hawai islands.It has an unusually large nose,weighs less than a feet and measures less than a foot.It stands apart from the other lantern sharks due to its weird shape of the head with a bulgy snout.

  • NASA jets to study corona during Solar Eclipse

    NASA jets WB-57 F will study the sun's corona during the solar eclipse on August 21st across US.The observations from the jet will be able to capture the first ever thermal images of Mercury,revealing how temperature varies across the planet.

  • CAC adopts standards for three spices

    Codex Alimentarius Commission adopts three codex standards for black,green and white pepper,cumin and thyme.It will help the customers in identifying quality species and promoting global trade and availability.

  • BRICS youth forum begins in China

    BRICS youth forum has started in Beijing,China to discuss the development of youth in BRICS nations.Themed 'Enhance BRICS Partnership,Promote Youth Devlopment' three day forum invited 50 group representatives form the BRICS nations.

  • 25-Jul-2017
  • Windfarm in North -east coast off Scotland 

    World's first floating wind farm in North East coast off Scotland.Now it brings power to 20,000 homes.It hopes to bring a low cost technology in the future.

  • Researchers produce Human anti-bodies in lab

    Researchers in London developed a technique that will produce anti-bodies in the lab.They created it by producing human antibodies from B-cells isolated from human blood samples. 

  • 24-Jul-2017
  • USS Gerald R Ford:World's most advanced aircraft carrier

    American President Donald Trump commissioned the world's most advanced aircarft carrier USS Gerald R Fold aircraft carrier at Virginia.The ship is named after the 38th Presidentof America, Gerald Ford. 

  • Scientists discover potential anti-Zika drug

    Researchers from Spain has identified the potential of a molecule effective for Zika Virus.The name of the molecule is Novobiocin


  • Iran and Iraq sign pact for military cooperation

    Iran and Iraq signed an agreement to step up military cooperation and to fight against terrorism.Iranian Defence minister Hossein Dehgan and Iraqui counterpart Erfan'al-Hiyali signed mou to cover border security,logistics and training betweeen the two nations.

  • 19-Jul-2017
  • US navy set to test World's first Laser Weapons

    US navy has set to tests its first LAWS,Laser Weapons System.No weapon is matching to the speed of LAWS.The speed of the weapons matched upto the speed of light.

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