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  • 24-May-2017
  • Dubai recruits first Robocop Police Offficer

    Dubai has recruited its first Robocop Police officer around 5ft tall and weighing 100kg.The robocop also can recognize people's emotions at a distance of 1.5mtrs.The Robocop can also telecast live videos to the police command room.

  • 23-May-2017
  • Indian IAS officer publishes first philiosophical novel on God

    Haulianlal Guite an IAS officer from Manipur has written a book named 'Confessions of  A Dying Mind:The blind faith of Atheism',a novel for god.The book was unveiled by the Union Minister Kiran Rijiju.Haulianlal Gaute is a 2010 batch IAS officer from Manipur.

  • World's smallest island nation Nauru ratified Solar alliance

    Nauru ,world's smallest nation  ratified International Solar Alliance ,a brainchild of PM Narendra Modi.It is a small nation with a population of just 10,200 and become the 6th country to ratify it.

  • 22-May-2017
  • Rouhani wins second term in Iran

    Hassan Rouhani has won the second presidential election of Iran.The 68 year old Rouhani nicknamed as 'diplomatic sheikh' won the election for 23.5 million votes.

  • China and ASEAN countries agree to draft South China Sea code of conduct

    China and Asean countries agreed to draft the code of conduct to avoid clashes.The member countries had been going through a tough time for the past few years,the draft of the code has now become a relief to everyone.No official date was given for the adoption

  • 19-May-2017
  • First Discovery of Human Antigen against Ebola

    Scientist led by one of the  Indian Origin have discovered natural human antibodies that can protect and neutralize animals from the deadly human virus.It was found in the blood of a survivor of 2013-2016 ebola outbreak in Western Africa.The blood was found to block all the five known strains -Zaire,Bundibugyo,Sudan,Reston and Tai forest.

  • 17-May-2017
  • Exoplanet Proxima b supports life,says study

    Earth sized exoplanet orbiting around Proxima Centauri(our neighbouring star) could support Alien life ,suggests study.The team found suitable traces of nitrogen and carbondioxide in the exoplanet which could support life.The revelations have been found using a climatic model earth and by simulating the atmopshere of proxima b into it .


  • Mt Lhotse records First Summit in 3 years.

    Mount Lhotse world's fourth highest mountain and which lies to the south of Mt Everest has recorded its first summit in three years.The summit was gained by Indian climber Debasish Biswas and a Woman climber from New zealand.An avalanche and a devastating earthquake in 2014 and 2015 respectively, restricted the climbers to make a summit in Mt Lhotse.

  • 16-May-2017
  • Edward Philippe elected the new PM of France

    Edward Philipe has been chosen as the new PM of France by its own President Emmanuel Macron.He is a member of Les Republicains party.

  • Cholera outbreak in Yemen kills 115

    A deadly outbreak of Cholera virus in Yemen has killed 115 people leaving 8500 hospitalized.This is the second outbreak of cholera in less than a year in the poor war hit country.

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