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  • 18-Aug-2017
  • Asteroid Florence to pass Earth on September 1st

    Asteroid Florenza will pass near Earth on September 1st.It is the biggest asteroid to pass Earth.The asteroid is 4.4 kms in size.

  • 17-Aug-2017
  • New plate found by the scientists

    Researchers of the rice university have found a new plate called the malepelo plate between the junction of the other three plates in the eastern pacific ocean.It is the 57th palte to be discovered and the first to be found in a decade.

  • India has 27,312 elephants till date

    The report published by the Ministry of environment,Forestry and Climate change concludes that India has a total number of 27,312 elephants.Karnataka has the highest number of elephants (6,049), followed by Assam (5,719) and Kerala (3,054).

  • 16-Aug-2017
  • Scientists develop new Angio Chip

    The new Angio chip help the doctors to replace the dead heart cells during a heart attack.Before the invention the scientists had to open the heart to patch the new cells.

  • Aeroplanes may be causing ozone layer depletion

    Scientists have found out that the smoke of aeroplane contains black carbon which in turn affects the ozone. The black carbon will setlle in few months but with teh help of rain ad wind it will move upward 4km.

  • 14-Aug-2017
  • Online course in Infusion therapy by INS

    Indian Nurses Society has started an online platform to train 3000 nurses in the vital procedure.Infusion therapy means the administartion of a drug intravenously,but the term also may refer to ther the drugs are provided through oral routes,such as intramuscular injections and epidural routes.

  • Arizona university has invented plant based Zika Vaccine

    Arizona University has invented plant based Zika Vaccine that can fight aginsT the  viral protein found in Zika Virus named DIII.


  • Earth's largest Volcano found

    Researchers from University of Edinburg has found Earth's largest Volcano 2km under the ice sheet in West Antartica.The volcano is said to have nearly 100 volcanoes. 

  • 12-Aug-2017
  • New DNA sensor for bacterium launched

    A new DNA which can sensor a bacterium S Pyogenes has been developed. It spreads diseases like toxic shock syndrome annd affects 700 mn people every year..The sensor was developed by scientists from CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB) and National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Delhi.

  • 11-Aug-2017
  • New Water propellant systems in Cubesat

    Cube sat is a miniature satellite to perform variety of tasks from high resolution imaging to internet services.To achieve their full potential,scientist has used new micro propulsion devices which uses ultra purified water.

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