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  • 24-May-2017
  • Dubai recruits first Robocop Police Offficer

    Dubai has recruited its first Robocop Police officer around 5ft tall and weighing 100kg.The robocop also can recognize people's emotions at a distance of 1.5mtrs.The Robocop can also telecast live videos to the police command room.

  • Environment Ministry and Ozonaction organised 'Ozone to climate' Technology Roadshow.

    Union Ministry of Environment,Forest and Climate Change organised a road show in Agra next to UN Environment Ozone Actions Compliance Assisstant Programme.The road show was showcased to give awareness to the people about more efficient air conditioning sytems with lower impact on the environment.Along with the Technology Roadshow, UN Environment is also organising the annual network meeting for South Asia Ozone Officers from May 23 to 26, 2017.

  • 22-May-2017
  • Indian boy wins Intel International Science Award

    Indian boy Prashanth Ranganathan wins Intel Science award for biodegradation of pesticides.His project titled 'Biodegradation of Chlorpyrifor' using naive bacteria is used to degrade harmful pesticides.


  • Study for Common Risk mitigation for Solar Projects

    Argentina,France and India have supported the study for mitigation of common risk in solar projects.The study will help them to diversify and pool risks from mutualized public resources.The proposed CRMM will offer a simple and affordable tool that will create a secure enviornment for private institutional investment in solar assets.

  • Free WI-FI facility at 28 stations

    Environment minister Suresh Prabhu has inaugrated free WI-Fi at 28 stations in Konkan.Konkan railway has tied up with Maharashtra's leading internet and broadband company Jostier for this venture.This crusade is a part of Prime minister's Digital India.

  • Nasa names new species after Abdul Kalam

    Nasa has named an organism only found on International Space Station as 'Solibacillus Kalami'.It is a spore forming bacteria found only on the filters of ISS.Abdul Kalam was a renowned Aero space scientist and dear late President of India.

  • 19-May-2017
  • IIT-Delhi develops Cheapest Respiratory Filter

    Team of Researchers at IIT-delhi developed a 'Nasofilter' which could be placed in the user's nasal orifice.It is very cheap and it is powerful enough to restrict entry of PM 2.5particles ,bacteria and pollen allergens.The product will soon be available in India and global markets under the brand name' Nasofilter 'by 'Nanoclean Global Pvt Ltd' a company formed by innovators.

  • First Discovery of Human Antigen against Ebola

    Scientist led by one of the  Indian Origin have discovered natural human antibodies that can protect and neutralize animals from the deadly human virus.It was found in the blood of a survivor of 2013-2016 ebola outbreak in Western Africa.The blood was found to block all the five known strains -Zaire,Bundibugyo,Sudan,Reston and Tai forest.

  • 17-May-2017
  • Exoplanet Proxima b supports life,says study

    Earth sized exoplanet orbiting around Proxima Centauri(our neighbouring star) could support Alien life ,suggests study.The team found suitable traces of nitrogen and carbondioxide in the exoplanet which could support life.The revelations have been found using a climatic model earth and by simulating the atmopshere of proxima b into it .


  • 16-May-2017
  • MoU signed between Indian Navy and Space Application centre.

    The Indian Navy and Ahemedabad based Space Application Centre has signed a MoU on data sharing and scientific cooperation in the fields of oceanography and meterology.It will be a common platform to share expertise between the two centres in a number of areas including satellite technology.

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