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  • 20-Sep-2017
  • Fast spining star emits polarised light 

    Indian nobel laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar's theory have been proved that fast spinning star emits polarised light.Researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia and University College London in the UK used a highly sensitive piece of equipment to detect the polarised light from Regulus, one of the brightest stars in the night sky

  • 17-Sep-2017
  • Snow Leopard survives Endangered Status 

    Snow leopard which has been put in the endandered list of animals ,has now been moved to the Vulnerable list. The decision was announced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature-the global standard for assessing extinction risk.

  • 16-Sep-2017
  • NASA's Cassini end its Probe

    NASA's Cassini has ended its 13 yrs probe around the ringed planet Saturn.It has ended it by crashing it on the Saturns atmosphere ending a 4$plus space craft mission.

  • 15-Sep-2017
  • Scientists create first map on location of water 

    The scientists from Brown University has created first map on location of water in moon.The amount of water increases towards the poles .

  • China flaunts its first unmanned Helicopter

    China has flaunted its first unmanned attack helicopter named AV500W.It an be used for military attacks.In addition it can also transport 120 kgs of weapons. 

  • Karnataka first to roll Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 

    The Karnatake State Government is the first to roll out the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2017.The project is in line with Union Government's vision  to make the country an all electric vehicle market in 2031.

  • 14-Sep-2017
  • India to launch First Bullet Train 

    The union government will launch its first bullet train 7km under sea with 350 km/hr speed.Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe t laid the foundation stone for the much-hyped Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed bullet train project.

  • 13-Sep-2017
  • India's first Virology Lab 

    India's first advanced virology lab in Homeopathy has been started in Kolkata.It has been inaugrated by the Union Minister of State for Ayush Shripad Yeso Naik.It is the only advanced homeopathic lab in testing for dengue fever,chicken Guinea etc

  • ZSI releases first compendium on animal species in Sundarbans 

    Zoological Survey of India for the first time has issued its first compendium on Fauna of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve in Indian Sundarbans.It forms part of Ganga-Brahmaputra delta across 9,630 sq. km, distributed among 104 islands.

  • Environment minister launches "Wood is Good" campaign 

    Dr Harsh Vardhan has inaugrated the Wood is Good Campaign to plant more trees in the country.The campaign was launched during the two day conference named ,'Sustainable Landscapes and Forest Ecosystems :Theory to Practise'.

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