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  • 21-Jul-2017
  • Astrosat,Chandra and Hubble detect explosion in Proxima Centauri

    The three space based observatories Astrosat,Chandra and Hubble and a ground based observatory HARPS jointly detect a cosmic explosion in the nearest planet hosting star,Proxima Centauri.Proxima is a flare star that undergoes random dramatic increases in brightness because of magnetic activity.


  • Indian Army signed MoU with DRDO

    The Indian Army has signed MoU with DRDO for raising one more regiment of Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles.It is capable of engaging multiple aerial targets at ranges of more than 50km.This air defence system has to be deployed against China and Pakisthan.

  • 19-Jul-2017
  • US navy set to test World's first Laser Weapons

    US navy has set to tests its first LAWS,Laser Weapons System.No weapon is matching to the speed of LAWS.The speed of the weapons matched upto the speed of light.

  • 18-Jul-2017
  • Scientists develop 3D printed silicone heart

    Scientists develop a 3D printed heart that beats like a real one.It is step closer to replace a artificial heart than the need of a heart transplant.

  • First bio-methane bus by Tata Motors

    Tata Motors has invented its first Bio Methane bus or Bio CNG bus.The new bio methane engines were introduced as a part of Bio energy programme called Urja Utsav.

  • 17-Jul-2017
  • Indian sea bed rich in minerals:GSI

    Scientists of Geological Survey of India finds that the Indian sea bed is rich in plenty of minerals.It has established the occurence of more than 10,000 million minerals within the Exclusive Economic Zone of India.


  • Strong artificial silk developed

    Scientists from University of Cambridge has developed strong artificial silk using soupy hydrogel which is 98%water in the model of spider silk.The synthetic spider silk mimics properties of natural spider silk.

  • National Malaria elimination plan

    Indian government has started a National Fight Plan against Malaria.The plan was initiated after the reports pointed out that 89% of Malaria cases in South East Asia reports from India.

  • SOHUM:An innovative newborn screening device

    It is an indigeniously developed device by the School of International Biodesign(SIB).School of International Biodesign is a flagship programme of the Department of Biotechnology.It is a start up to develop innovative and affordable medical devices as per unmet clinical needs of India,and to develop the next generation medical technology innovators in india.

  • 14-Jul-2017
  • Super cluster of Galaxies Found

    Indian scientists have found super cluster of galaxies in the universe some four billion light years away from earth.Due to its cluster scientists have decided to  name it Saraswati.

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