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  • 12-Jan-2018
  • ISRO puts 31 satellites in space with PSLV C-40 

    ISRO has launched the 42nd polar satellite launch vehicle PSLV C 40 and has put the 31st sateelites in space.It was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre .

  • 09-Jan-2018
  • India's first Petaflop super computer 'Pratyush' launched 

    India's first petaflop super computer Pratyush will improve monsoon and air quality forecast. With the advent of teh super computer Pratyush more number of farmers will now get the weather forecast through text messages.. 

  • 09-Dec-2017
  • India is now free of Trachoma 

    Union Health and Family Welfare Minister JP Nadda declared that India is now free of the Infective Trachoma.It was one of the main reasons in India for infectious blindness among children.

  • 06-Dec-2017
  • Akash,Surface to Air missile tests succesfully 

    Akash,Surface to Air missile has been succesfully tested at Chandipur.Akash has a strike range of about 25 km and carries a 55- kg fragmentation warhead that is triggered by proximity fuse.

  • 05-Dec-2017
  • India's largest floating plant in Kerala 

    India's largest floating solar power plant in Vayanadu District ,Kerala. It's set up on the Banasura Sagar reservoir.The 500 kWp (kilowatt peak) solar plant of the Kerala state electricity board (KSEB) floats on 1.25 acres of water surface of the reservoir.

  • 27-Nov-2017
  • China launches remote sensing satellites 

    China has succesfully launched the remote sensing satellites for probes and experiments.The satellites were carried by a Long March-6 rocket, a new generation of liquid-fuelled carrier rocket developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

  • 16-Nov-2017
  • US approves drug with sensors 

    The food and drug administration has approved the first drug Abilify MyCite with sensors or tracking system to know whether patient with mental illness has taken the pill.The drug Abilify MyCite, developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, was first approved by the FDA in 2002 to treat schizophrenia.

  • 11-Nov-2017
  • Haryana to treat Hepatitis C with oral medicine 

    Haryana is the first state to treat Hepatitis C with oral medicine.The government will provide it for free of cost. 

  • 19-Oct-2017
  • Canada choses India for Technology Summit

    Canada has chosen India as the partner country for Technology Sumit which will be held in New Delhi .The Summit is organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry  and the Indian Department of Science and Technology.

  • 17-Oct-2017
  • India's first Olympic Swimmer passes away 

    India first olympic Shamsher Khan passes away in Andhra Pradesh Guntur District .He had represented India in 1956 Melbourne Olympics.  

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