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  • 23-Jun-2017
  • US sells 22 Guardian drones to India

    US has sold 22 guardian drones worth 2-3 billion in India.The transfer of UAV technology(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)marks the entry of India inti Missile Technology Control Regime(MTCR).

  • 22-Jun-2017
  • India and Russia celebrates a decade of Scientific Partnership

    India and Russia are celebrating its 70th year in diplomatic relations along with 10 anniversary in Science and Technology.MoUs were signed between the two nations during celebrations.

  • 21-Jun-2017
  • NASA tests ROSA on space station

    NASA test Roll out solar Array on the space station that can one day power satellites and spacecrafts.It also has the potential to make solar arrays thinner for satellite radio and television,weather forecast etc. 

  • China unveils world's first virtual express train

    The new train operates on virtual track using sensor techology instead of metal rails.The new trains are battery powered and non-polluting.It can travel 25kms in distance after charging for 10mts.

  • Floating Dock for Navy by L & T

    First indigeniously build floating dock to repair ships have been build by L & T and launched at Kattupalli,North of Chennai.It can take upto 8000 tonne ships with draught up to 7mtrs.Floating Dock will move to Andamans to be used fro assets not only for Navy bot for others also.

  • 20-Jun-2017
  • Lockheed and Tata to make F-16 fighters in India

    American Firm Lockheed and Defense arm of Tata has signed an agreement to make F-16 fighters in India and to export it.Lockheed will move its only operational line producing the F-16s from Texas to India if its wins the contract.


  • Energy conservation building code launched

    The new energy conservation building code prescribes new energy performance standards to build commercial buildings in India.It was launched by Power Minister Piyush Goyal.The new commercial building code is estiamted to have 50% reduction in Energy use by 20130.


  • 19-Jun-2017
  • NASA Orion clears Safety Tests

    NASA's Orion Spacecraft designed to take astronauts deeper into space has cleared safety tests.Researchers tested the Abort system for five seconds and gave it green signal.The launch abort system is an important part of spacecraft to make sure whether the crew members are safe.


  • ISRO's MOM completes 1000 days in orbit

    Indian Space Research Organisation's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has completed 1000 earth days in the orbit.It has completed its 1000days beyond its calculated mission of six months.It was launched on November 5th,2013 by PSLV C-25

  • 18-Jun-2017
  • Adani Group to set up 315 cr solar PV plant in UP

    Adani Group has decided to set up 50 megawatt solar pv plant under the National Solar Mission Scheme.The technology used for setting up this plant includes String Inverter Technology with crystalline silicon modules that allows miniature level control of solar power generation

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