Anatomist Career

Anatomy is the structure and function of human body. It is concerned with the structure of organisms and their parts. They may focus on human anatomy, animal anatomy or plant anatomy. An anatomist studies cells, molecules, and whole organisms as large as whales. Anatomists also study extinct species, such as dinosaurs and Neanderthals.  The history of anatomy is a progressive understanding of the organs and its parts. The human anatomy can now be identified through modern technology like the CT scan, X-ray and the ultra sound scan. Other anatomies have their powerful telescope to examine the anatomy. The duties of an anatomist are to observe and dissect organs, tissues and cells and to compare the anatomy of each organism.

An anatomist will mostly work on grows anatomist which are unable to see through the naked eye. Anatomists works in medical colleges to teach the students anatomy. Human anatomy is one of the basic sciences of medicine. Anatomists understand how to perform dissections and work with students and researchers to better understand humans and animals in order to teach the next generation of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, and veterinarians.
 Anatomy and Physiology are the two disciplines which goes hand in hand. 

Anatomist Eligibility

To be an anesthetist one must have a MBBS degree from a recognized medical university. 

Anatomist Recruitment Process

Step 1 Step 1 To become an Anatomist one must have a recognized MBBS degree from a medical college

Step 2 You must pass the NEET PG medical entrance to attain admission for post graduation as Anatomist.

Step 3 After passing the NEET PG entrance exam you will get admitted to a good medical college. The duration for MD in Anatomy is for three years.

Anatomist Career Prospects

An anatomists work in research institutions and laboratories .An anatomist is much in demand in medical colleges to teach the students. An anatomist can also run their own centre specializing in treatments and researches. They are also of great help to archeologists and anthropologists to learn about the primates as well as the present humans. 

Anatomist Salary

A lecturer in anatomy will get an amount of Rs 1, 00,000 .Experience in the definite field will give the person a better and more handsome salary.